Cover Letter for Sales Job with No Experience

Updated on: October 11, 2019

Job seekers who have not had any relevant Sales experience usually find cover letter writing for a sales position very challenging.

Below are some cover letter essentials that will guide you through the process.


• Keep it to the point: Do not bore the employer or waste time by beating about the bush; let them know what you offer straight away.

• Know your employer: Do your homework, find as much as possible about who you are dealing with.

• Communicate your value: Addressing the employer’s needs directly and stating what difference hiring you will make.

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Below is a cover letter sample for candidates seeking a position in sales but have no practical experience in hand.


Cover Letter for Sales Job with No Experience


James Gilbert
450 Tall Towers, Bronx, NY 67277
(000) 555-5258
james @ email . com

October 11, 2019

Mr. Daniel Clifford
HR Manager
F&T Corporation
69 Wishing Well Road
Bronx, NY 67277


Dear Mr. Clifford:

Your advertisement for a sales executive position piqued my interest for two main reasons. Firstly, because a sales opportunity with F&T Corporation is exactly what I have been aiming for in terms of launching my career. Secondly, because I am very well qualified for the job and my competencies are in-sync with your requirements.

A recent graduate in Sales from the American University of Business, I am a well-spoken, highly courteous and people-focused person. I have a strong ability to build and maintain productive relationships with clients and to understand and anticipate their preferences. I strongly believe that my exposure to various cultures of the world and fluency in  English and Spanish will prove to be a real asset.

Focused on the achievement of sales targets through the promotion of high-quality customer services based on customer preferences, I can’t wait to become a part of the dynamic sales team at F&T Corporation and start making a productive contribution.

A short interview with you is just what I need to prove my candidacy. I will call your office to clarify any concerns you may have regarding my qualifications next Thursday. Meanwhile, please feel free to call me at (000) 555-4444 to set up a suitable interview date and time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




James Gilbert