Entry Level Sales Assistant Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on: May 24, 2022

A Sales Assistant is responsible for providing support in order to attain the sales targets of the employer.

Their duties include but are not limited to:

  • Promoting company products
  • Providing customer service
  • Performing clerical tasks such as answering phone calls
  • Acting as a communication hub
  • Participating in creating a dynamic sales team
  • Meeting and exceeding sales targets

How to write a cover letter for a Sales Assistant when you have no experience in hand?

Writing an attractive cover letter for a Sales Assistant job, when you have no experience in hand, is one of the most challenging tasks of your job application process.

You have to spend lots of time tailoring each cover letter to help you stand out from the competition.

Your letter should follow a business format and focus on how your skills as a Sales Assistant will be beneficial for the employer.

The following sample Sales Assistant cover letter is specially designed for fresh entry-level candidates with no experience in hand. This sample follows the current trends in the job market.

Feel free to use this sample as a template when building your job application set. If required, you can modify the bullet statements in the second paragraph.

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Entry Level Sales Assistant Cover Letter with No Experience

Sara Joe
25 7th Street
Cambridge, MA 65877
(000) 854-8547

May 24, 2022

Ms. Claire Rennick
Senior Manager
ABC Company
P.O. Box 233
Cambridge, MA 63325

Dear Ms. Rennick:

I am writing in response to your job posting for a Sales Assistant position at ABC Company. My excellent communication skills and a strong familiarity with sales techniques will help me make a solid contribution and exceed your sales targets.

As mentioned in the job description, you are looking for an ambitious sales assistant who has keen attention to detail. In keeping with your requirements, I offer:

  • Strong sales skills with exceptional convincing power.
  • Demonstrated ability to sell company products while gaining a competitive advantage.
  • Known to answer phone calls in a reasonable manner
  • Ability to create MS Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets, and create/maintain client accounts.
  • Able to keep a neat and pleasant appearance in a fast-paced environment.
  • Exceptional organizational and time management skills.
  • Able to handle numerous tasks while dealing with clients.
  • Proven ability to think in an anticipatory way, one step ahead of the process.

As a driven and enthusiastic Sales Assistant, I would welcome the chance to discuss these qualifications with you. I will call your office next week to confirm the receipt of my application and, hopefully, schedule an interview date and time. If you want to contact me in the meantime, please call me at (000) 854-8547 or leave a message.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you soon.


Sara Joe
(000) 854-8547

Attachment: resume

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