Maintenance Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 12, 2016

Imagine picking up a cover letter that states that the applicant has developed a solar energy lighting fixture that increased profits by 67%! Wouldn’t you want to just pick him and hire him immediately? Of course you would, considering he meets all the other requirements as well. Robust cover letter headlines help you along in your job bagging endeavors. If you can just place yourself at the other end of the desk, you will know that it is these headlines that pull you into the candidate profile.

But coming across as jacks of all trades and masters of none isn’t a great idea. Employers look for specialists who will contribute immediately – not generalists who will incur training and polishing costs. Unnecessary occupational spread in a cover letter can dim your appeal, even if a hiring manager is especially interested in your candidature. By all means, inform the employer why you consider yourself capable, but keep a tight lid on the “too much information” jar.

Being specific about who you are professionally is important, but adding whistles and bells to show that you can be everything to everyone is a lost cause. Don’t spend your money and time on this. Instead, have a look at the following cover letter sample to see how you can write one that creates a positive first impression on a hiring manager:


Maintenance Assistant Cover Letter Sample


Justin Redneck
258 West Street
Virginia Beach, VA 65884
(000) 253-9545
Justin @ email . com

November 12, 2016

Mr. Mack Christie
Hiring Manager
Silverado Senior Living
863 Halocyn Road
Virginia Beach, VA 49025


Dear Mr. Christie:

Handling maintenance operations in a facility as physically vast as Silverado Senior Living is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is mine!

With over 5 years of experience working as a maintenance assistant in a similarly expansive facility, I am well-versed in ensuring the general safety and security of the premises, furnishings and equipment, along with ensuring that they are properly and timely maintained.

Overseeing a team of janitorial staff to troubleshoot, maintain, repair and adjust HVAC and electrical and plumbing systems is just one area where I excel. Other skills that would be pertinent to boast here include:

• Qualified to perform building maintenance, construction and operational functions as part of the premises maintenance plan.

• Highly skilled in performing preventative maintenance and construction and repair work on building structures, systems, services and components.

• Hands-on experience in conducing regular inspections, servicing facilities and equipment, and providing a quick and reliable response to repairs and maintenance needs.

Owing to my great insight into performing sustained heavy labor, using a variety of hand and power tools, I am certain that you will be interested in hiring me as a maintenance assistant at your facility. By the end of this week, I will get in touch with your office to set up a time for meeting. Alternately, you can reach me at (000) 253-9545.



Justin Redneck

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