Sales Rep Skills for Resume

Updated on: September 30, 2018

Denying the fact that skills should be a part of a Sales Rep resume is not going to get you anywhere. It is important to remember that hiring managers want to hire people who know what they are doing.

Even though most organizations will train you on the job, they do need to know that you have some basic skills that can be polished.

Skills statements can be a bit complicated to write. A lot depends on the way you write them. If you write that you are skilled in making coffee, you are not telling the hiring manager much. A sales rep, for instance, has to be proficient in convincing the prospective client.

Sales Rep

Some skills statements for a sales representative position are provided below for reference purposes:

Sales Rep Skills for Resume

• Highly skilled in presenting, promoting, and selling products and services using a solid sales approach.
• Demonstrated expertise in establishing, developing, and maintaining meaningful relationships with clients, to ensure repeat business opportunities.
• Deeply familiar with reaching out to customers through cold calling, and other effective sales and outreach methods.
• Exceptionally talented in generating leads, and timely following up on them to obtain business.
• Well-versed in coordinating sales efforts with marketing programs to achieve sales targets.
• Competent in preparing and submitting sales contracts for orders, and effectively following up on them.
• Qualified to identify appropriate prospects, set meeting times with them, and make active qualifying sales calls.
• Proven ability to present company and product/service information to the public at trade shows and fairs.
• Solid track record of providing customers with assistance in determining products and services that best suit their needs and budgets.
• Focused on providing high-quality services to both existing and new clients, aimed at ensuring repeat business opportunities.