Sales Lady Resume Sample

Updated on: June 19, 2023

Resumes help you find saleslady jobs – but it is not as simple as that. Only good resumes can find jobs. And the quality of your resume shows how good you are at work in a professional environment.

Refer to the following resume sample to get help creating your own.

Sample Resume for Sales Lady Position

Oprah Simmons
Alexandria, LA
(000) 142-8541
[email protected]


@I offer repeated records of success in the retail sales arena.@

Customer service-oriented sales lady with a track record of success convincing customers, explaining product features, performing suggestive selling and upselling, and leading customers through purchasing processes. A pleasant and friendly person who works collaboratively in fast-paced and busy retail environments. Able to ensure that payment processes are appropriately handled. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

✓ Upselling ✓ Accounts Management
✓ Shelves Maintenance ✓ Payment Processing
✓ Demonstrations ✓ Visual Merchandising
✓ Cash Handling ✓ Records Maintenance
✓ Bagging Support ✓ After Sales Services
✓ Marketing Support ✓ Inventory Management

Increased the company’s revenue by 45% within 3 months by indulging in aggressive selling activities.
Retained all 190 assigned customers in the event of aggressive sales efforts from a leading competitive company.
Proved to be invaluable to a visual merchandising activity, through extensive involvement in merchandising operations.
Revamped the existing inventory system – bringing in a new, more efficient one.


Sales Lady
Macy’s, Alexandria, LA
2018 – Present
• Greet customers when they arrive at the store and inquire about their specific purpose for visiting.
• Determine customers’ buying requirements by engaging them in conversation and ensuring that they are provided with the information that they need.
• Direct and lead customers to the aisle of shelve that hosts their choice of product.
• Explain product features and benefits and perform demonstrations to build upon them.
• Provide customers with information on prices and discount deals in a bid to help them make buying decisions.
• Lead customers through the purchasing process by ensuring that their products are appropriately scanned and bagged as instructed.
• Arrange for home or office deliveries to be made for products that cannot be carried out from the store due to their size.
• Provide after-sales services by calling customers to inquire about their experiences in using the product.

Retail Sales Aide
Y-Mart, Alexandria, LA
2012 – 2018
• Performed shelf-stocking activities by ensuring that all items were properly displayed.
• Assisted customers in locating and reaching their choice of products from shelves.
• Coordinated efforts to ensure that low-stock items at the front end are ordered and obtained from storage areas.
• Ensured the cleanliness and maintenance of shelves for a consistently neat look.
• Handled bagging and wrapping activities and assisted customers by carrying their purchases to their vehicles.


Child Care Worker
Private Capacities, Alexandria, LA

High School Diploma
Alexandria High School, Alexandria, LA | 2008

• POS System
• Microsoft Word and Excel
• CRM Software

“My exceptional interpersonal and oral communication skills are the reason behind my successful career in sales.”



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