6 Sales Lady Job Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: January 20, 2023

A sales lady job interview is an important step in your hiring process.

After viewing your cover letter and resume, the employer will invite you for an interview to discuss your suitability in detail.

Before appearing in a sales lady interview, an applicant has to go through the sales lady job description.

Dress formally and answer the questions confidently.

Don’t forget to take a copy of your sales lady resume during the interview.

The following are some possible interview questions and answers for a sales lady position.

6 Common Sales Lady Interview Questions and Answers

1. What made you decide to work in the sales profession?

I believe that I have a natural flair for handling sales work. I can quickly determine what customers are looking for, and easily judge ways of handling different types of customers. Sales is something that is extremely challenging and since the challenge is something that I thrive on, working as a sales lady makes great sense.

2. Have you ever come across intimidation from a customer or a coworker because of your gender? Recount what happened.

Working in a man’s world is never easy, especially if you are working in a sales arena. People tend to take you non-seriously. While I have been mostly lucky in this regard, I did get prospected by a customer whom I was assisting. He seemed to think that my pleasantries were something that he could take advantage of. I politely but firmly explained that I was here to work and was pleased because that is what this work is all about.

3. How would you react if you were told by a supervisor that your work wasn’t up to the mark?

If I was told that my work wasn’t worth much, I would do a thorough self-analysis to determine where I lack. Once I know what I am doing wrong, I will brush up on my skills and ensure that I meet my supervisor’s expectations the next time around.

4. As a sales lady, what duties have you been responsible for in a similar role?

Everything from greeting the customer to leading him through the payment procedure! This includes assisting customers in determining the location of their desired products, demonstrating product features and explaining benefits, providing after-sales service information, and ensuring smooth checkout.

5. What skills do you possess that make you an excellent contender to work in this role?

I am an extremely perceptive person with exceptional skills in handling customers to ensure repeat business opportunities. I can gauge exactly what it is that customers are looking for and then ensure that they do not leave the store dissatisfied. I possess great proficiencies in closing sales in a manner that benefits both customers and the company and know all there is to know about handling follow-up and providing aftersales services.

6. What do you know about DND lists? How do you manage your sales work in accordance with them?

Anyone who works in sales knows that DND (Do Not Disturb) lists need to be respected before making any cold calls to prospect new customers. Before any cold-calling initiatives, I make sure that I look for the number that I am about to call in the DND list provided to me. And only make the call if the number isn’t on the list.