Sales Lady Skills for Resume

Updated on: September 8, 2016

The importance of skills is felt highly when you are working in a position where they come into play the most. So if you are working in a position such as sales or marketing, it is your skills that will be most scrutinized by the person who is reading your resume.

Employers do not want to know what you have done in the past as much as they want to know what you are capable of doing in the future. And for that they need to know just how able you are. You may have achieved much throughout your career but if a prospective employer does not know how you managed to do it, simply saying that you are accomplished will be useless.

Your skills are something that you can use as weapons to make your way to the top of the candidate list. Even if another candidate for the same job is much more skilled than you are in actuality, it is you who will be considered a better candidate, if how you’ve written your skills in a resume appeal to the person reading it.

For a sales lady position, you can write some or all of the following skills in your resume:

Sales Lady Skills for Resume

• Highly experienced in prospecting new clients to generate additional revenue and handle existing clients by employing set customer service activities
• Demonstrated ability to lead customers through their shopping endeavors by providing them with required information and assisting them with logistics at every step
• Proficient in suggesting the right products and services according to customers’ specific likes in a bid to satisfy them and guarantee repeat business
• Deeply familiar with and possess respect for DND lists while handling cold calling activities
• Competent in handling cashiering services during low staff or high customer volume instances
• Documented success in effectively and efficiently managing inventory of store items and maintaining meaningful relationships with procurement officers
• Competent in meeting and exceeding both company and self-sales goals on a consistent basis
• Proven record of effectively handling customer complaints with a view to resolve them immediately and obtain customer satisfaction
• First-hand experience in following the 4 Ps of marketing to determine stock placement duties
• Effectively able to provide sustenance and support to marketing, sales and promotion teams during extensive merchandising activities
• Exceptionally well-versed in planning and carrying out sales activities to meet assigned sales targets
• Adept at processing sales orders and coordinating with cashiers for efficient and accurate processing of payments