6 Cafeteria Worker Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: June 23, 2022

You can never be sure of what questions you will be asked during an interview for the cafeteria worker position.

But there is an excellent chance that you will be asked what you prepare for – that is, if you prepare well.

Preparation is key to ensuring success in an interview.

When you go through the cafeteria worker job description, you find out so many things that you were unaware of earlier. This contributes to your interview preparation.

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For a cafeteria worker interview, the following will help:

6 Common Interview Questions and Answers for Cafeteria Workers 

1. In the cafeteria worker capacity, what duties have you performed?

As a cafeteria worker, I have been responsible for taking food and beverage orders, relaying them to kitchen staff, preparing food items according to set recipes, serving orders to customers, and ensuring the general upkeep of the cafeteria.

2. How is working as a cafeteria worker different than working as a waiter?

I believe that there is a high similarity between these two roles. Apart from the fact that waiters working in restaurants do not handle food preparation duties, the work is more or less the same. Although, I believe that if one does have some food preparation experience, it only adds to one’s appeal when being hired as a waiter, as one may have a chance to diversify one’s skills!

3. Serving or food preparation – what do you enjoy more? And why?

As a cafeteria worker, my work is a perfect balance of food preparation and serving, and I enjoy this balance immensely. I do not think I can choose one over the other.

4. Tell us about a time when you handled a tricky situation with expertise and professionalism?

I was once working in a school cafeteria, which had strict rules for food preparation since all customers were children. Some ingredients such as peanuts were not allowed in the vicinity of the cafeteria because many children had peanut allergies. A new cook, however, was either not made aware of this rule or forgot, and created the soup with peanuts crushed in it. A child with a peanut allergy started having breathing problems immediately after drinking it. Putting two and two together, I immediately rushed to him and provided CPR, saving his life.

5. What is your take on food wastage?

I am strictly against wasting food, which is why I have suggested many times that only a little more than what is anticipated to be sold, should be prepared/cooked.

6. As far as sanitation is concerned, how do you contribute to a cafeteria worker position?

Sanitizing surfaces such as tabletops, counters, and floors is essential in any foodservice environment. I make sure that at the end of my shift, I personally clean and sanitize all surfaces according to the protocols, rules, regulations, and procedures set by the management.