Sales Lady Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: November 9, 2020
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Sales Lady Job Description

Sales ladies are usually hired by retail companies where they are required to meet the sales goals by convincing customers to buy the company’s products.

Mostly, a saleslady will be the first person that a customer will meet when he or she enters a retail setting.

A sales lady provides customers with information on available products and their prices and discount options. She is responsible for ensuring that customers are satisfied at the end of their shopping spree so that they come back for further business.

Working as a sales lady requires skills in customer service provision. Sales acumen, the passion to excel, and the ability to manage a high volume of work are all prerequisites to work as a saleslady.

If this is the line of work that you want to take up, you will need to possess a high school diploma or GED at the very least, in addition to some sales experience in a similar setting. You will also need to possess a pleasant personality and the ability to work with tact and calm even when the going gets tough.

Here is a list of duties that you will be performing in this role:

Sales Lady Duties for Resume

  • Greet customers at the store and provide them with information on their required products
  • Lead customers to desired shelves or aisles and assist them in locating products
  • Explain product features and benefits by performing demonstrations and answer any questions that customers may have
  • Provide information regarding prices and after-sales services and ways in which the latter can be obtained
  • Suggest additional products in a bid to meet the company’s and self-sales targets
  • Assist customers in making decisions regarding suitable purchases based on their specific likes
  • Lead customers through the payment process by assisting cashiers with discount information and markdowns
  • Oversee wrapping or bagging of purchased items to ensure that they meet the store’s standards and the specific instructions of customers
  • Ensure that customers’ purchases are carried out to their vehicles by instructing baggers to do the needful
  • Make cold calls to new customers in a bid to prospect them for business and meet sales goals
  • Call existing customers to provide them with information on new products or discount options and markdowns
  • Create sales reports, detailing all transactions made in a day for the purpose of informing the management of individual sales progress
  • Oversee the cleanliness and replenishment of shelves according to marketing and sales directives