Sales Consultant Job Description for Resume

Updated on: March 16, 2021

Working in the sales profession is exceptionally challenging, to say the least. Employers expect a lot from their sales forces, especially sales consultants who are responsible for maintaining existing business and creating new business opportunities.

There are many ways that sales consultants contact their customers in order to generate business; email, telephone, and face-to-face meetings are the most lucrative.

Sales consultants are provided with sales targets that they need to achieve based on which they are given rewards.

They use consultative approaches when dealing with decision-makers; it is often difficult to get to decision makers, which is why sales consultants often have to use tactics to bypass the gatekeepers.

For existing customers, sales consultants use many techniques to cross-sell and up-sell a company’s products or services.

When deciding on a product or a service, many customers take advice from sales consultants representing the company.

Since they have the most information about a product or a service, it only makes sense for customers to approach sales consultants and help them make important purchase decisions. Some other tasks that a sales consultant performs include:

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Sample Job Description for Sales Consultant Resume

• Contact prospective customers and provide them with information on the company that they are representing and the services provided

• Up-sell and cross-sell new products or services to existing customers

• Generate leads ensuring that DNC lists are respected

• Ensure that appropriate information is available of the product or service being endorsed

• Schedule appointments with customers to show the product features or offer advice

• Follow up on customers who have shown interest in a particular product

• Take telephone calls from new customers and provide them with the information asked for

• Guide potential and existing customers to determine and fulfill their purchase needs

• Ensure keeping up with new product development and features

• Devise sales and marketing strategies aimed at fulfilling targeted goals

• Greet customers as they arrive at the store and provide information

• Process returns and exchanges following cashiers

• Ensure customer loyalty by providing exceptional customer services

• Follow up on sales as part of an after-sales customer service program

• Prepare orders for delivery to customers’ homes or offices

• Ensure that products are sealed and packed appropriately and are ready for being transported

• Handle merchandise preparation and inventory duties

• Make sure that deliveries have been made in a time-efficient manner

• Maintain and update sales logs periodically

• Keep records of all conversations and interactions with customers

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