New Home Sales Consultant Interview Questions and Answers

Updated June 14, 2020
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The purpose of a New Home Sales Consultant interview is to see if:

  1. The candidate can demonstrate the skills that the employer is seeking?
  2. Can he or she solve their problems?
  3. Is he or she the best fit for the organization?

All questions that an interviewee will ask will be based on these.

Be yourself but concentrate on being your “best” self. If you are asked to provide information regarding failure or a negative experience, keep your tone upbeat, and provide information on how you learned an important lesson from it.

For typical questions that may be asked of a person applying for a new home sales consultant position, refer to the following set:

New Home Sales Consultant Interview Questions and Answers

1. If we are to hire you, what would be the first thing that you would do to start off as a new home sales consultant?

My primary objective would be to make sure that I have enough new leads by performing activities to generate them.

2. As a new home sales consultant, how do you handle lead generation duties?

Asking for referrals is the safest and easiest way of generating leads. Additionally, I ensure that I keep in constant touch with other realtors so that we can exchange leads and both can work in a continuous manner. Also, I indulge in marketing activities such as cold calling to generate additional leads.

3. What do you know about DND lists?

I make sure that I have a copy of DND lists with me at all times so that I do not accidentally end up cold calling people who have opted out of being marked for marketing calls. Consulting the DND list is the perfect way of saving time and resources that one would otherwise I spend calling people who are definitely not going to become clients.

4. What skills does one need to work as a new home sales consultant?

To work as a new home sales consultant, one needs to possess exceptional communication skills, the ability to research for available homes (for both buyers and sellers), knowledge of the real estate market and trends, and of course, the ability to draw up contracts and agreements.


You never know what exact techniques will be used to interview you as a prospective employee. So you need to be “okay” with all of them.

Conducting research, assessing your strengths and skills, preparing answers, dealing with nerves and anxiety, and dressing for success, all matter immensely at this stage.

Do you know that you can communicate with an interviewer in both verbal and non-verbal ways?

While the employer will concentrate on how good you are as you speak, he will be equally focused on what you say to him or her through your body language.