Salesman Job Description Sample

Updated on: March 30, 2018

Companies make products and retailers want to sell them, but all is useless without the efforts of salesmen. Salesmen are important links between sellers and buyers as they provide a valuable bridge to meet both sales targets of a company and customers’ demands. Salesmen are hired by retailers to help them sell their products.

The first perform you meet when you enter a retail setting is usually a salesman. He will welcome you, ask you what you would like to buy, provide you with information on how to get to the product or merely escort you himself. He will also provide you with information on the product’s features and after-sales services and answer your questions and handle your concerns.

Since they provide first contact services, they are expected to be very friendly and courteous while maintaining professional decorum. They assist customers throughout their shopping spree and ensure that they are provided with a positive shopping experience.

These professionals are also expected to close sales by ensuring that cash has been received and that the product is delivered promptly. Once a product is delivered, a salesman is supposed to make a courtesy call to the customer to ensure that he or she is satisfied with what he or she bought!

Being a good salesman is not everyone’s cup of tea; while there is no formal education required for this position apart from a high school diploma or a GED, it is important that people applying for this job are outgoing, possess strong convincing power and have a confident personality.

The following list of primary job duties will further explain what a salesman is expected to perform in a routine working day.

Salesman Job Duties & Responsibilities

• Greet customers as they enter the store and determine their needs and wants
• Answer telephone calls, convey messages and reply e-mails
• Respond to product and company related questions
• Direct and accompany customers to the appropriate shelf
• Provide information regarding products or services offered by the company
• Demonstrate product functionality and provide warranty information
• Assist customers in selecting products
• Provide information regarding product features and prices
• Provide customers with information regarding discounted or promotional products
• Offer discounts where applicable
• Ensure that customers are walked through the payment procedure in a professional manner
• Assist in packing purchases and ensuring that they are delivered in a time-efficient way
Provide after sales services by enquiring about product functionality
• Assist in replacing, exchanging or returning products
• Generate leads and follow up to generate more business
• Assist in managing and rotating store displays
• Represent employer in trade shows
• Phone contact to follow-up and augment the sales
• Process sales reports and related records
• Data entry of sold items