Sales Associate Interview Questions and Answers 2

Updated on: February 28, 2016

All the effort that you put into communicating with a prospective employer through a cover letter and a resume – maybe numerous telephone calls as well – was because you wanted to reach at interview stage. Why worry now? Unfortunately, the interview stage is also the most overwhelming as there is very little that is in your control. For earlier procedures like resumes and cover letters, you can take your time in preparing them. For an interview, you do not have this luxury – well, not at the spot that is!

Prior to an interview, you will have a window where you can prepare for all the questions that may be put to you. Researching the company, what it does, how well it stands in the industry and who exactly it is who will interview you is important. This will lead to a successful interview – at your end.

Here is a set of interview questions and answers for a sales associate position that may interest you:

Sales Associate Interview Questions and Answers

Why did you want to work in sales arena?
I have an inherent skill that makes it easy for me to convince people to buy things and apply for services. Wanting to put it to good use, I decided to work as a sales associate and have been quite successful so far.

What has been your highest success as a sales associate?
My biggest accomplishment has been success in satisfying all customers assigned to me a 100%, and zero complaints in the last five years. I deem a happy a customer as return business!

What skills, apart from customer service, do you believe are important to be successful as a sales associate?
The gift of gab is what works best. Apart from good communication skills. It is important for sales associates to be knowledgeable about the company’s products and their features so that they can demonstrate them efficiently. Being well-organized, with a great ability to cross-sell products and services is also important.

Have you ever found yourself to be in a situation where your mettle as a salesperson was tested?
Oh yes! There was a time when the customer to whom I was giving a demonstration knew more about the product than I did since he had worked for the company. He kept throwing very difficult questions at me, expecting me to fail. Thankfully, I had just finished a training and was almost as well-versed about the product as he was and managed to not falter!