12 Assisted Living Skills Statements for Resume

Updated: April 11, 2022

Working in an assisted living facility is no small feat.

That said, every day is filled with both physical and emotional challenges, and it takes an individual with physical strength and mental stability to live up to the demands of a caregiving position.

Since assisted living facilities provide long-term care to residents, caregivers are often provided with a vast array of duties to perform in a day.

And to be able to carry these out, one has to be exceptionally skilled – if you are not physically and emotionally strong yourself, there is no way that you can look after people who look up to you for help and strength.

But physical and mental strength is not all that you need as a caregiver working for an assisted living facility.

You have to be aware of the rules and procedures of the facility, possess patient care awareness and be able to handle emergency situations with tact.

Typically, you need to own a high school diploma or a GED if you want to be considered an eligible candidate for a position at an assisted living facility.

Prior experience with patients in an assisted living facility, of course, helps immensely.

Some essential skills that an employer will look for when hiring a caregiver for an assisted living facility include:

Sample Skills for Assisted Living Resume

  1. Demonstrated expertise in helping patients with bathing, grooming, toileting, and ambulation.

  2. Committed to providing both emotional and social support to residents and their families.

  3. Focused on delivering watchful supervision and observing patients’ conditions with a “hawk’s eye.”

  4. Track record of following prescribed healthcare and medication plans, with the aim of ensuring residents’ physical and mental wellbeing.

  5. Excellent skills in charting out appropriate recreational activities for residents and encouraging them to take part in them.

  6. Particularly effective in communicating with patients and families regarding specified care and educating them about home care regimes.

  7. Proficient in preparing food according to each resident’s specified calorie intake and ensuring that they partake in their meals on time.

  8. Documented success in encouraging residents’ independence and dignity through a series of counseling sessions.

  9. Well-versed in maintaining a safe environment by ensuring that surroundings are free of objects that may cause accidents.

  10. Exceptional talent for keeping a professional, yet compassionate image towards residents, visitors, families, and coworkers.

  11. Knowledge of policies and procedures that govern the running of assisted living facilities.

  12. Able to handle emergency situations using the expertise in applying First Aid and CPR.