Boutique Sales Associate Job Description and Duties

Updated on: January 18, 2021
Boutique Sales Associate Job Description

A boutique sales associate does what all sales associates do – with a difference. He or she is hired by clothing brands for their stores, or assigned areas within malls.

Their work is to make sure that customers do not leave unhappy, and that any help required to them during their shopping experience is provided in a positive manner.

Working as a boutique sales associate means that you have to possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the very least. A degree in sales may be considered a great plus point though. Apart from education, you need a solid head for sales.

Not everyone can sell, and it is up to you to prove to a hiring manager that you can. As a boutique sales associate, you will be expected to provide customers with a great shopping experience, ensuring that they come back to provide additional business.

Moreover, you will be required to know most of what there is to know about marketing and visual merchandising, as you will work in tandem with sales and marketing teams. Also, it will be your responsibility to ensure that your assigned area of work is properly managed, including the maintenance part of it.

Before you apply for a job as a boutique sales associate, have a look at the following list of duties particular to this position:

Boutique Sales Associate Duties and Responsibilities

• Greet customers as they arrive at the boutique, and inquire into their clothes buying requirements.

• Lead customers to their choices of racks and brands and provide them with information on materials and styles.

• Assist customers in choosing the right color and style that complements them best and make additional suggestions for accessories.

• Provide support in the fitting room, ensuring that customers are provided with the right sizes according to their specifications.

• Lead customers through the payment procedure, ensuring that both credit card and cash payments are properly processed.

• Provide information regarding exchanges and returns, and additional services such as size alterations.

• Properly and neatly pack customers’ purchases and wrap according to their wishes and instructions.

• Make arrangements for shopping bags to be delivered to customers’ vehicles, in cases where a large quantity of sales has taken place.

• Handle rack stocking duties, ensuring that color coding, styles, and brands are taken into account.

• Oversee brands inventory, communicating low stock situations to the boutique manager.

• Arrange all brands on racks and shelves, according to the specifications provided by the boutique manager.

• Keep all racks and other assigned areas clean, maintained, and functional at all times.