Inside Sales Resume Bullet Points

Updated on: March 5, 2019

An inside sales representative is hired to obtain more business from existing clients. These may include both business and individual clients. The work is more or less the same as that of a regular salesperson.

However, obtaining business from people who are already giving you the business is not easy! And this is why inside sales representatives have to be hands-on in what they do.

For starters, an inside sales representative needs to possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. A degree in sales may be required by some employers.

As an inside sales representative, it is imperative that you possess good communication skills. Your ability to sell products and services to a set clientele must also be exceptional. And you should know exactly where upselling is required.

Effective time management abilities are required if you want to work as an inside sales representative.

Here are some bullet points that signify what an inside sales representative is required to do – and these can be used in your inside sales resume as well:



Inside Sales Resume Bullet Points


• Look through existing clients’ lists in order to determine who to call.

• Prepare the script for making calls to internal clients.

• Contact existing clients through telephone and email.

• Provide clients with information on new products and services.

• Respond to questions asked about offered services and products, according to company policy.

• Determine clients’ requirements by engaging them in conversation.

• Provide clients with demonstration both virtually, and in person.

• Contact business clients in order to provide them with information on new products that would suit their needs.

• Take and enter sales orders into the system.

• Accept and process payments in cash and through credit or debit cards.

• Follow-up on orders to ensure timely delivery.

• Coordinate client pick-ups from warehouses.

• Reorder items to ensure proper stocking.

• Check inventory to make sure that stock levels are optimum.

• Strategically investigate existing clients in order to develop new business potential.

• Act as clients’ internal advocate to deliver high-quality services.

• Educate clients on product and service offerings.

• Follow-up with customers who may be inclined to make purchases.

• Identify issues such as late deliveries, and make amends according to company policy.

• Achieve a high conversion of lapsing clients through follow-up and contact.

• Understand clients’ buying patterns and future needs.

• Create and maintain relationships with vendors in order to ensure timely deliveries.

• Maintain records of all sales activities.

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