Inside Sales Rep Cover Letter Sample

August 27, 2019

Being an inside sales representative you must be aware of the importance of personalization in sales.

Consider your Inside Sales Rep cover letter as a marketing tool and devise ways to personalize with the employer, reflecting who you are and what kind of sales generation you are capable of.


Inside Sales Rep Cover Letter Tips

Impress them with numbers

Without overdoing, insert some digits to document your success as a sales representative.

Power the beginning

Just like a sales pitch, strengthening the opening of your cover letter with powerful words and a well-organized listing of your candidacy’s selling points helps in making a good impression.

Show knowledge about the employer

Knowing the audience is good, showing that you know them is even better.



Inside Sales Rep Cover Letter Sample



Laura Deb
207 Peace Sq, Miami, FL 78382 
(005) 333-1111 
laura @ email . com

August 27, 2019

Mr. Peter Blanch
HR Manager
399 Olive Garden
Miami, FL 78382


Dear Mr. Blanch:

I would like to work for CISCO in the role of an inside sales representative. Exceeding sales targets, exceptional convincing power, and superior customer retention skills are my main strengths.

Some of my noteworthy accomplishments include:

• Exceeded the gross sales target by 95% yielding a profit of $450K in 2018.
• Generated a single-year sales increase up to 25% through exceptional dedication and commitment to providing high-quality customer care and client references.
• Secured two massive partnerships worth a collective sum of $35K and closed a profitable long-term deal through the utilization of exceptional negotiation skills.

What sets me apart from other applicants is my expertise in conducting customer needs analysis based on accurate feedback surveys and customer requirements gathered from telephone calls. I offer proven skills in aligning the customer service protocols with the provisions which automatically enhances customer satisfaction thus leading to augmentation of referral clientele.

I would appreciate a meeting with you to discuss my relevant qualifications further. I would also like to offer some suggestions regarding the implementation of contemporary sale strategies CISCO needs currently to revive its old position in the Miami region and compete with the fast-growing newcomers in the market. I can be reached at (005) 444-6666 for setting up an interview date and time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Laura Deb

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