Inside Sales Rep Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 17, 2021

An Inside Sales Rep cover letter is a marketing tool that goes along with your resume and emphasizes your passion and willingness to outperform.

How to Write a Professional Cover Letter for Inside Sales Representative Job?
  1. Add your accomplishments using some digits that verify your success as a sales representative
  2. Start your cover letter with compelling a sentence.
  3. Use bullet points to mention your relevent skills and accomplishments.

Here is an example:

Inside Sales Rep Cover Letter Sample

Laura Deb
207 Peace Sq, Miami, FL 78382 
(000) 021-8545 
laura @ email . com

September 7, 2021

Mr. Peter Blanch
HR Manager
ABC Company
399 Olive Garden Ave
Miami, FL 78382

Dear Mr. Blanch:

As a results-driven sales professional who has a drive for success, I would like to work for ABC Company in the role of an inside sales representative. I offer a verifiable track record of exceeding sales targets, exceptional convincing power, and superior customer service skills.

Some of my key accomplishments include:

  • Exceeded the gross sales target by 100% yielding a profit of $45000 in 2020.
  • Generated a single-year sales increase of 25% through exceptional dedication and commitment to providing high-quality customer care and client references.
  • Secured two massive partnerships worth $35000.
  • Closed a profitable long-term deal through exceptional negotiation skills.

What sets me apart is my expertise in conducting customer needs analysis based on accurate feedback surveys and customer requirements gathered from telephone calls. I have proven skills in aligning the customer service protocols with the provisions that automatically enhance customer satisfaction thus leading to the augmentation of referral clientele.

I would appreciate a meeting with you to discuss my relevant qualifications further. I can be reached at (005) 444-6666 if you need any additional information.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Laura Deb