22 Car Salesman Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated: February 12, 2021

Finding the right car can be quite a hard task; therefore, car salesmen can be a valuable source of information for customers. Car sales professionals possess great knowledge of cars and are usually employed by companies that sell cars.

They greet customers as they arrive at the shop and ask them their preferences in purchasing a car.

Besides that, they maintain knowledge of different types of cars and their features and are required to provide this information to customers in order to assist them in decision making.

Car salesmen do not only handle walk-in customers; but they also perform one-to-one marketing services in order to build a customer base.

There is a lot of talent needed to sell any product especially a car. Since customers spend a lot of money when buying a car, they need to make sure that the car that they are buying is worth their money.

Car salesmen are required to ensure that they provide customers with the right choices and help them in decision making too.

A car salesman will also be expected to perform the following duties when working in this position.

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Sample Duties and Responsibilities of a Car Salesman Resume

  1. Greet customers as they arrive at the establishment.
  2. Determine customers’ needs regarding car purchasing.
  3. Provide customers with information on available car buying options.
  4. Offer advice to customers based on suitability in accordance with their financial strength.
  5. Negotiate sale price and handle trade-in values.
  6. Work out possible finance arrangements such as car loans and leases.
  7. Offer customers with information on the vehicle’s features and attributes.
  8. Provide information on car accessories and after-sales services.
  9. Handle paperwork associated with car sales and loans.
  10. Place orders for cars not in stock and follow up on orders.
  11. Ensure that existing customers are informed of new cars and deals.
  12. Prospect new customers by making cold calls.
  13. Ensure that cars are kept clean and maintained at all times.
  14. Accompany customers on test drives.
  15. Answer any questions that customers may have during test drives.
  16. Close sales by providing customers with appropriate car papers and agreements.
  17. Demonstrate cars by explaining characteristics and abilities.
  18. Offer warranties and deliver cars when required.
  19. Compare and contrast competitive models for the benefit of customers.
  20. Coordinate repairs and after-sales services with customers.
  21. Follow up with customers to gauge customer satisfaction and assist with any problems.
  22. Employ persuasive selling tactics to expedite car sales.

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