Shoe Salesman Job Description for Resume

Updated: May 11, 2022
Position Overview

The work of a shoe salesman can hardly be considered easy. One has to meet targets, and also ensure customer satisfaction.

As a shoe salesman, you will be working in a shoe store, where your main work will be to sell shoes to walk-in customers.

Position Requirements

A high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a shoe salesman.

However, a degree in sales will be considered a great brownie point.

Skills and Abilities

Essentially, a shoe salesman should be exceptionally talented in determining customers’ requirements in regard to shoes and accessories. Closing deals, and ensuring that exchanges and returns are properly managed is all part of the work of a shoe salesman.

As a shoe salesman, you will need to be constantly active. Seeking out customers within the store, and ensuring that they are provided with the right services is important.

Handling shoe fitting tasks is also an area that you must be well-versed in.

Also, you must know stocking and inventory management work if you want to work as a shoe salesman.

Shoe Salesman Job Description for Resume

• Greet customers as they arrive at the store, and inquire into their shoe buying requirements.

• Direct and lead customers to the correct aisles where they can find the required shoes.

• Assist customers in choosing the right styles and types of shoes to match their requirements.

• Check customers’ sizes using shoe scales, and check inventory in order to see if sizes are available.

• Contact store staff to acquire selected shoes.

• Assist customers in putting on shoes, ensuring the right fit.

• Acquire feedback from customers regarding comfort and fit.

• Suggest the use of insoles in order to make shoes more comfortable for customers.

• Lead customers through the purchasing procedure.

• Pack purchases and provide customers with information on exchange and return policies.

• Man cash counters, and process shoe purchases made through cash or card.

• Calculate sales discounts and ensure that they are reflected in prices.

• Cross-sell items such as handbags, laces, socks, and shoe polish.

• Graciously handle returns while attempting to convert them into exchanges.

• Oversee inventory and stock levels, and communicate stock situations to supervisors.

• Arrange items such as shoes, shoe polishes, buffers, and socks in a neat manner.

• Clean display boxes and racks, and rearrange items on them in accordance with the store’s policies.

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