Car Sales Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on: May 23, 2023

There is only one way to impress a hiring manager when applying for a car salesman position. And that is to write a cover letter that provides a solid umbrella for the resume.

The good news is that a cover letter for a Car Sales position can be written even if you do not have prior experience. How?

Well, the ability to sell something is usually inherent, and if you have it, you have got it made.

Let us now move on to the actual cover letter writing. Firstly, your knowledge of different car brands and models must be made obvious in your cover letter.

It is essential that the hiring manager understands what your specific skills are in selling cars as well.

Focus on your ability to interest customers in buying cars. Also, ensure that the hiring manager understands that you will increase sales owing to your exceptional sales skills.

A cover letter for a car salesman position (no experience) is given here for reference purposes:

Entry Level Car Sales Cover Letter No Experience

May 23, 2023

Mr. Jacob Dylan
Human Resources Manager
Thrift Automobiles, Inc.
64 West Avenue
Mount Pleasant, SC 90645

Dear Mr. Dylan:

As a passionate and results-oriented individual with excellent sales and customer service knowledge, I am excited to apply for the car sales specialist position at Thrift Automobiles, Inc.

Through a recent internship at Zenith Autos, I learned a lot about car sales and after-sales services. Since I am an exceptionally competent individual, it is easy for me to determine customers’ specific buying requirements, and provide the right solutions. My knowledge of different high-market brands and models, as well as not-so-high-end ones is phenomenal. As someone interested in automobiles since childhood, I have researched much, and can effectively handle a wide variety of work processes associated with car sales. Besides sales, I have a profound ability to drive and deliver vehicles safely.

Given the information that I have provided in this letter (and the accompanying resume), I am sure that I am the best candidate for a car salesman job at your company. I will contact your secretary soon in order to set up an interview time. In the interim, you may reach me at (000) 210-2847.

Thank you for your consideration of me as a candidate for the car salesman position at Thrift Automobiles Inc.


Timothy Lopez

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