Car Salesman Cover Letter Sample

Updated March 16, 2018

Writing a winning cover letter to supplement your resume is a challenging task; it becomes even more challenging when the position is that of sales.

Although in the USA the minimum qualification to become a car salesman is merely a high school diploma, yet marketing is a unique field, and not everyone is chalked out to be a salesman, so the recruiters look for really selling cover letters when they are shortlisting for a sales position.

A cover letter accompanying a car salesman resume is not an exception from the above. Your cover letter should communicate your marketing skills along with your interest in cars to the recruiter.

Below is a sample cover letter to accompany a resume for the position of a car salesman.


Sample Cover Letter for Car Salesman Resume



John Winsley

477H, Lane 6 North, 13th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97403
(004) 994-1008 | Email

March 16, 2018

Mr. Daniel Field
Recruitment Manager
Hyundai Exec Cars
43E, Lane 8 East, 7th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97403


Dear Mr. Field:

I am writing in response to your advertisement in the Daily News for the position of Car Salesman. I am a self-motivated sales professional with excellent interpersonal skills and a great interest in automobiles.

As a high school student, I worked part-time at a car wash center, where I developed a great interest in cars. This interest led me to learn more about different car designs, models, and their features. By the time I graduated in Business Administration, I knew that car-sale is ing to be my profession.

During my two years’ work experience with Chevy Cars as a sales representative, I prepared and delivered various comparative presentations to help the clients with making the right car decision as per their needs. I was also responsible for introducing and promoting the company’s new deals – and I enjoyed it a lot. Working with the project promotions team, I contributed in enhancing their turnover by 10% in eight months.

My core competencies include meeting and greeting customers, record keeping, supervising test drives, briefing about warranty and placing orders for clients. Moreover, I have exceptional communication skills with unique persuasive power.

With a track record of negotiating with relatively difficult customers efficiently, I can excel at Hyundai Exec Cars. As soon as I meet a client, my mind starts racing on how to cater to the client’s needs while keeping organizational interest in my priority list. I usually come up with excellent negotiated deals, wherein the customer leaves happy, and at the same time, I contribute to the company’s uplift as well.

Your Car Salesman position sounds interesting, and I would welcome an opportunity for a personal meeting to discuss my skills and expertise in more detail. I will contact you within next few days to follow-up.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



John Winsley

Attachment. Resume

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