Candy Store Sales Associate Job Description

Updated on: December 21, 2017

Position Overview

If you are a candy lover, your dream job will be working as a sales associate in a candy store. Imagine being surrounded by your favorite candy!

But the work is not all fun and games, even though you will be around yummy and mouthwatering treats all day! As a candy store sales associate, it will be your responsibility to make sure that sales targets are properly met. Boring? Not at all!

Position Requirements

Usually, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a candy store associate. If you have had some experience working for a candy store previously, or even for a candy counter in a mall, your services will be greatly welcomed. To work at this position, you have to possess excellent knowledge of the different types of candies and other sweet treats popular in the markets.

In addition to this, your knowledge of handling sales pitches and customer services must be excellent. Working at this position means that you will be answering a lot of questions put to you by customers regarding the availability of certain candies and chocolates, their ingredients, and even healthier options like granola bars.

So if you know your candies well, and have a great love for and expertise in sales, this is the work for you. Have a look at the following list of duties that you will be performing in the role of a candy store sales associate:


Candy Store Sales Associate Duties and Responsibilities

• Welcome customers as they enter the candy store in a polite and pleasant manner.

• Respond to customers’ questions and inquiries regarding available candies, chocolates, and biscuits.

• Provide detailed information regarding different brands, and ingredients, in a bid to assist customers in making purchasing decision.

• Provide customers with baskets or bags to collect their candies in, and ensure that those candies which are sold by the pound are weighed properly.

• Assist customers in choosing candies and chocolates, based on their specific and individual choices.

• Ascertain that all chosen candies and chocolates are properly packed or wrapped, as instructed by customers.

• Scan each item, ensuring that the correct price has been displayed, and total all items.

• Encourage customers to make additional purchases, to ensure that sales targets are met.

• Process cash and credit card transactions, and ensure that change and receipts are tendered.

• Receive candy and chocolate from suppliers, and ensure that they are properly stored until it is time for them to be displayed.

• Stock shelves and fridges with candy bars, and other items, ensuring that the 4Ps of marketing are kept into account.