Childcare Volunteer Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: December 21, 2017

Interviews must not be feared – instead, they should be looked into the eye and dealt with. I

t is unfortunate that many of us feel that interviews drain us emotionally – they will not have this effect if you prepare for them in advance!

Go through the following set of questions and answers for a childcare volunteer position to help you prepare:



Childcare Volunteer Interview Questions and Answers

What made you decide to volunteer your services in childcare?
I have always hosted an inherent love for children, and a great will to help in making them comfortable, and eventually, positive and contributory citizens. All this led me to decide that I should start by volunteering my services in childcare, as I am sure that I can make a huge difference in their lives.

What skills do you possess which make you an excellent person to hire as a volunteer at our facility?
Apart from possessing the basic ingredient to be successful as a childcare volunteer (which is the love for children), I am great at engaging children into conversation to determine their personalities. This also makes it easy for me to develop and implement well-placed programs. I am patient, and can easily reach out to even the most introverted children assigned to me.

Have you ever worked in a childcare position before?
Yes, I have provided volunteer services to the local SOS concern, for 6 months.

What is it that you like best about working as a volunteer in childcare?
When one volunteers one’s services in any capacity, the main satisfaction comes from a job well done. I love the fact that I get to give and not take, when working as a childcare volunteer. It provides me with immense pleasure to know that children’s bright futures will have some contribution from my end as well!

What was your prime work as a childcare volunteer in a previous role?
As a childcare volunteer, I was responsible for ensuring that the childcare program was implemented and led properly. This included ensuring that children were properly looked after, and that their academic, social, emotional, and cognitive needs were being met. In addition to this, I was responsible for making sure that they were properly fed, and that any other personal needs were met properly.

What do you find most challenging about this work?
While I enjoy every little thing that childcare brings, it can be a bit overwhelming at times, when you realize that you are responsible for making either a positive or a negative impact on a child’s life. The good thing is that this thought makes me even more determined to work exceptionally, to make sure that my influence is always positive.