Medical Sales Representative Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated July 3, 2022
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Position Overview

Medical sales representatives are entrusted with ensuring that the company’s products, including medicines and medical equipment, are promoted and sold to prospective customers, such as doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.

Their job is to increase awareness about a product and provide advice.

Position Requirements

A high school diploma or a GED equivalent is usually sufficient to work as a medical sales representative.

In addition to these qualifications, it is important for them to possess excellent communication and convincing skills since they have to convince prospective customers to become actual ones.

High confidence, maturity, and excellent sales skills are also prerequisites for working in this role.

Since it is medical products that you will be promoting and selling, it is important for you to possess deep knowledge of how they work, and what benefits they provide.

As far as medication is concerned, it is essential for you to know the basic salt of the medicine that you are promoting, and information about the competition as well.

Mostly, a medical sales representative is trained on the job and is provided with a detailed briefing on how a piece of medical equipment works, and what special healing properties new medicines possess.

And this is what you will be doing on any particular day as a medical sales representative:

Medical Sales Representative Duties and Responsibilities

• Inspect provided work order to determine which facilities or medical professionals to meet

• Call medical offices and inquire into vacant slots for meetings and demonstrations

• Provide reminders to doctors and other medical staff members about meetings with them

• Pay medical professionals visits and provide them with information on available medical equipment and tools

• Explain the benefits of newly introduced medicines, charting out shortcomings of competitive products

• Deliver presentations to medical personnel in a bid to assist them in making informed decisions

• Perform a detailed research on the competition and provide feedback to the manager

• Create and maintain records of sales to customers and facilities, and ensure that all information is timely updated

• Monitor competitors’ activities and develop strategies to promote their own products effectively

• Deliver product samples to medical personnel and obtain their approval for the product

• Go through sales reports, ensure that they have been updated, and submit them to the supervisor

• Manage customer information database by ensuring that it is maintained properly and in a confidential manner

• Represent the company at medical conferences and technical exhibitions to promote products and the company brand

• Oversee inventory and sample control processes in accordance with regulations, cost control measures, and sample inventory management