Top 10 ICU Nurse Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: January 16, 2023

In order to make a positive first impression and help the hiring manager decide in your favor, you have to pay special attention to how you start your resume.

When you are writing your resume for an ICU nurse position, you will have to show yourself as someone who is compassionate, organized, and can handle emergencies properly.

And all this can be done if you start your resume with an objective statement.

Starting your ICU RN resume with an objective statement will have a significant effect on the hiring manager. That said, it will give direction to the rest of your resume.

In order to make the most of an objective statement, you have to make sure that it is targeted to the needs of the employer.

Resume objectives need to be short and sweet. They must address your qualifications for the job, through well-developed sentences that edict the fact that you can outperform in the ICU nurse role.

Here are 10+ perfect objective examples for an ICU nurse resume:

10 Best Sample Objectives for ICU Nurse Resume

1. Top-performing ICU Nurse with compassion and 5+ years of experience in promptly formulating and implementing core emergency care plans. Poised to provide the best possible care to patients in the emergency room of Florida Hospital.

2. Looking for an ICU Nurse position at Dayton General Medical Center. Eager to handle emergencies and provide exceptional bedside care by utilizing my 8+ years of experience as an emergency room nurse.

3. Self-directed ICU Registered Nurse with exceptional competencies in assessing patients and planning, implementing, and evaluating emergency health care services to cover a broad range of health conditions. Seeking employment at ABC Hospital where my nursing skills will be used to ensure top-quality patient care.

4. Compassionate ICU Nurse with 3+ years’ verifiable track record of providing emergency care services to accident victims and those with chronic illnesses, seeking a role at Johnston Wills Hospital. Eager to promptly and accurately administer medications through IVs and handle patient education directives appropriately.

5. Seeking an ICU Nurse position with Henrico Doctors Hospital Retreat. Poised to apply my expertise in assessing, planning, and evaluating patient care needs and prioritize patient care based on acuity levels and available resources.

6. Seasoned ICU RN with over 4 years of experience working in busy intensive care settings. Looking for a challenging role at XYZ Hospital to handle ER patients and ensure their well-being.

7. Registered nurse with 8+ years of experience in handling emergencies, implementing care plans and managing patient records. Eager to ensure ER patients’ health and well-being at ABC Hospital.

8. Uniquely qualified ICU Nurse with a record of providing excellent patient care, and following plans of care. Eager to deliver excellent care to patients and victims in the intensive care unit of Greta Memorial Hospital and ensure patients’ wellbeing.

9. To contribute as an ICU Registered Nurse to Derry Care Hospital by monitoring patients’ health statuses, and providing required interventions. Bringing wide experience in an intensive care setting.

10. To obtain a position as an ICU Registered Nurse at Berkley Hospital. Eager to use my adeptness at delivering one on one care to assigned patients, along with providing patient education, and advocacy support.