Top 28 New Graduate Nurse Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: September 29, 2020
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If you are writing a resume as a new graduate nurse job, then you have to remember that you have to add an objective statement that needs to be laser-focused to get the recruiter’s attention.

Among all the sections of a new grad nurse resume, an objective statement is the most important. That is because it will give a reason to the recruiter to read your resume in detail.

How to Write a Professional Objective Statement for a New Graduate Nurse?

The following are some valuable tips that will help you build an excellent objective statement.

  1. First of all, view the graduate nurse job description and requirements of the employer as provided in the job advertisement.
  2. Start writing your objective statement by mentioning the type of nursing position and name of the healthcare organization.
  3. Highlight some of your relevant skills and qualifications and emphasize the results you would bring.
  4. Keep it short. 1-3 sentences are sufficient.

The following are 22 best examples of new graduate nurse objectives to help you understand how to craft a compelling one for your Entry Level RN Resume.

28 Objective Examples for New Graduate Nurse Resume

1. Dedicated and energetic Graduate Nurse, seeking a position as a Registered Nurse at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Bringing training and skills in critical care, oncology, and ER to provide high-quality care to residents.

2. To obtain a position as a New Grad Nurse at Austin Healthcare. Leveraging skills gained through a bachelor’s degree in nursing and RN externship to provide quality healthcare service to patients.

3. To work for Family Health Hospital as a Graduate RN where education and training in delivering quality healthcare service to patients will be fully utilized to bring a significant difference in patient care.

4. Friendly, responsible, and detail-oriented nursing graduate seeking work with the North West Hospital. Offering a brilliant educational record and 6 month’s externship experience to attain the highest level of patient care.

5. Recent BSN graduate, seeking a position in the trauma center of NW Hospital. Leveraging talents in handling medical emergencies and traumas to provide effective bedside care. BLS certified.

6. A dynamic and compassionate nursing graduate, seeking an entry-level nursing position. Offering superior skills in postoperative patient care, surgical assistance, and pharmaceutical oncology to provide top-quality healthcare services to patients.

7. Looking for a Graduate Nurse position at H&H Healthcare Center. Offering specialized courses in intravenous infusions, dialysis, and cardiac care to contribute to the facility’s bottom line.

8. New York State licensed New Grad RN seeking a position in the Intensive care unit of Medici Hospital to utilize knowledge of emergency patient care, medicine administration, and doctor’s assistance.

9. Compassionate and friendly nursing graduate eager to work for FDR Hospital. Offers exceptional surgical assisting skills to enhance the quality of life of patients.

10. New Grad RN Position at the ABC Hospital. Eager to use skills in history taking, progress charting, and providing Basic Life Support services at the emergency unit.

11. A New Grad RN Residency at Dignity health to carry out routine patient care assignments while performing established nursing procedures.

12. New Graduate Nurse position at a AA Health using education and training in nursing, in addition to interpersonal skills to provide the residents with the highest level of care.

13. Seeking a position as a New Grad Staff Nurse at Integris Health, which will require me to make the most of my education to provide excellent health care to patients.

14. To work as an RN with Jersey Healthcare. Fully energized to support and apply the standards of nursing practice as established by the occupation.

15. Seeking a Graduate RN position at ABC Hospital that will enable me to utilize my skills and knowledge to build up the facility’s effectiveness.

16. Looking for a position as a Registered Nurse with Conta Hospital. Bringing a commitment to quality care utilizing my nursing education and training.

17. Seeking a position as a Practical Nurse at Core Health Services using extensive training in assessing the effectiveness of care plans to ensure the best results.

18. Strong desire to obtain a Graduate Nurse position at Farmington Medical Hospital. Offers a passion for patient care and a professional demeanor to back it up.

19. To work as a Nurse for Magnet Hospital where my knowledge and skills in patient-centered care and progressive concern can be utilized to assist patient care plans.

20. To obtain employment as a Nurse with Conroe Medical Center providing the benefit of my training and licensures to implement patient care plans.

21. Seeking a new grad nursing position at a reputed healthcare facility to utilize knowledge in handling patients, newborns, and pediatrics. I possess outstanding communication and patient care skills.

22. To secure a responsible position as a Graduate Nurse with Sava Healthcare where my nursing education, training, and abilities will be successfully utilized.

23. Seeking a position as a New Grad Registered Nurse with Maryvale Hospital utilizing nursing education and training, in addition to exceptional interpersonal skills to provide the highest level of patient care.

24. Compassionate and dedicated new BSN nurse with two years’ progressive track record as a nursing assistant. Seeking a Registered Nurse position with Mercy Health to provide the highest level of comfort and care to patients. Current Houston State RN licensure.

25. Caring and talented Registered Nurse, poised to obtain a position with a reputed healthcare facility to execute the prescribed diagnostic and therapeutic regiments. Special focus on mental health and trauma.

26. Looking for a Registered Nurse position at Genesis HealthCare. Bringing a proven ability to administer, delegate, and evaluate nursing activities to provide quality healthcare to residents.

27. To work for Seattle Healthcare as a Graduate Registered Nurse utilizing nursing education, skills, and knowledge to reinforce the facility’s operations. Exceptional talent for developing and implementing individualized care plans for patients.

28. Fresh and enthusiastic RN with the ability to stay calm and intervene during crises. Eager to obtain a challenging position at West Virginia University Hospitals to utilize passion for patient care and family education.

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Additional Guidelines to Write an Objective Statement on an Entry Level RN Resume?

  1. As you are an entry-level registered nurse looking for your first job, it is vital to show your enthusiasm through a customized objective statement.
  2. Mention three of your core competencies in the objective statement.
  3. Include some impressive words and phrases such as; “utilize my training and skills,” “eager to learn,” and “able to get additional training.”


A professional and robust resume for Entry-Level RN will help you successfully launch an interview and discuss a higher salary. So you must write a clear objective that tells your eagerness and convinces your prospective employer that you are the right candidate for the job.

In short, you have to sum up your career ambitions, your relevant qualifications, and your offering to build a winning objective statement for a New Grad Nurse Resume. When your objective statement is written this way, it will definitely get the recruiter’s attention.

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