4 Dining Room Attendant Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: April 29, 2021

The basic purpose of a dining room attendant interview is to determine the skills and potential of the job seeker.

And if you can comprehend this, you will be able to make arrangements so that you do not fail the interview.

It is very easy to do or say the wrong thing when appearing for an interview. We are nervous and this nervousness shows in what we say and our actions. And this is exactly where the fault is.

While it is perfectly natural to be somewhat on edge prior to an interview, too much nervousness actually means that there is something very wrong.

What could it be?

Very easily, it could be the fact that you have not prepared well for it. Going through every question that you may possibly be asked at the interview is important. This way, you have most of the interview covered – the rest will either fall in place or require very little effort.

Know your employer. Know your work. And know what your limitations are. By knowing everything as completely as possible, you are giving yourself a great edge over people who go to interviews without much preparation. While it is not possible to know everything about an interview, knowing a small percentage can do wonders for you.

At a dining room attendant interview, you may be asked the following questions:

4 Common Dining Room Attendant Interview Questions and Answers

1. What appeals to you about the foodservice industry?

Foodservice is a wide industry. There are many opportunities here and the fact that one can move up the ladder or even make lateral moves is quite encouraging. Getting to meet different types of people is also a plus point of working here.

2. What have been your typical duties as a dining room attendant?

My day begins with making sure that the restaurant is properly cleaned and maintained and that all chairs and tables are where they need to be. I am generally responsible for bussing tables, clearing away soiled dishes, assisting with serving duties, and ensuring that supplies (napkins, condiments, etc.) inventory is in check.

3. Have you ever worked in a rapidly evolving workplace? How did you cope?

Yes, I have been in a situation where the management at the fast-food restaurant that I was working for decided to convert it into a fine dining one. They decided to keep the old staff on but since I had never before worked in a fine dining restaurant, I was a bit lost. Through some training and my own initiative, however, I managed to pull myself into shape, and now, I have been working for fine dining restaurants for 6 years!

4. Is a personal connection with coworkers important in the foodservice industry? Explain why or why not.

I believe that a personal connection with coworkers is indeed important. That is because we work for long hours together and it is important to stay on the same page. Customer services is not about one person providing a service – it is about a group of people with the same vision, who work together to provide customers with exceptional experiences.