BSN Cover Letter Example and Writing Guide

Updated on: January 6, 2021

One common misconception regarding BSN cover letters is that their purpose is to make the candidate look competent.  In fact, it is not the real purpose of a cover letter.

The real purpose of a cover letter is to make the employer see how your competence can be utilized at the hiring firm.

It is essential to learn what the nursing position entails and then tailor your abilities accordingly.

A good cover letter for a BSN-RN Resume:

  1. Presents an easy to refer to professional qualifications
  2. Addresses the job requirements indicated or desired by the hiring party
  3. Reflects enthusiasm and eagerness to utilize the relevant skills in favor of the hiring organization
  4. States the core competencies and strengths in a highly optimized manner
  5. Begin and end with impressive paragraphs
  6. Conveys a broad sense of confidence the candidate has in his/her job-relevant skills mentioned in the enclosed resume

Below is a BSN cover letter sample for your guidance. The text can be customized to suit your target employer’s needs.

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Sample Cover Letter for BSN 

Daniela Martin, RN
533 Rocky Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 39808
(008) 444-6666
[email protected]

January 6, 2021

Ms. Kelly Simpson
HR Director
ABC Health Hospital
8799 Tall Tree Lane
Pittsburgh, PA 39808

Dear Ms. Simpson:

Are you looking for a BSN-RN who is:

  • Experienced in documenting, monitoring, and coordinating the progress of patients of a whole unit.
  • Capable of providing excellent bedside patient care.
  • Skilled in assisting surgeons and physicians in routine medical procedures.

If yes, then the enclosed resume will definitely interest you. I enthusiastically offer all of these traits and cardiac nursing skills in the capacity of a BSN-RN at ABC Health Hospital.

I am a perfect contender for this position because I am well-versed in planning, assessing, implementing, and evaluating the best possible care for patients. My BSN with specialization in cardiac care would help me achieve the highest level of patient care at your facility. Having worked with multicultural healthcare facilities, I developed expertise in catering for culture-specific patient needs and this cultural sensitivity.

I am very excited at the prospect of joining the nursing team of the ABC Health Hospital. I will call early next week to schedule a meeting. Should you have any questions regarding my qualifications, I will be reachable at (004) 333-5555.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Daniela Martin

Encl. Resume

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