New Graduate BSN Cover Letter with No Experience

Updated on May 30, 2019

Failing to write an effective cover letter to support your BSN resume can seriously harm your candidature.

An ideal cover letter for BSN must demonstrate some knowledge and skills related to the position.


Since the BSN position is set in healthcare settings, it is advisable to mention your relevant certifications and registrations to give a clear picture of your candidacy.

If the specific department for the position is not mentioned, try to find it out and spice up your letter with mention your specialized skills and competence in that particular field.

Doing so will automatically give you an edge over the competing candidates who did not take the extra time to find out the destination department.


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New Graduate BSN Cover Letter with No Experience


Helen Maslow
7555 Twinkle Horizon
Pittsburgh, PA 64009
C004) 555-6666

May 29, 2019

Mr. Guilford Derek
HR Manager
North Western Memorial Hospital
87 Rockville Sq
Pittsburgh, PA 64009


Dear Mr. Derek:

I was delighted to learn about your need for a BSN registered nurse at North Western Memorial Hospital. After graduation and nursing certifications in various health departments, including pediatrics and oncology, I now stand ready to pursue my career at North Western Memorial Hospital.

Being a very responsible individual, I am very vigilant in the patient progress monitoring and documentation. This sense of duty has always been an asset during my internship, and it would also come in handy in the role of an RN. In addition to fulfilling all the requirements mentioned in the advertisement, I offer the following competencies in the capacity of a new graduate RN:

• Familiar with the ANA code of ethics and HIPPA nursing guidelines.
• A compassionate person with a demonstrated ability to educate patients and their families.
• Adept at keeping and maintaining an automated record of patient progress and care delivered.
• Committed to maintaining high standards of bedside patient care and physician assisting.

My resume is enclosed for your kind consideration. I cannot wait to be a part of the committed team of medical health professionals at the North Western Memorial Hospital and contribute to serving humanity. I excitedly await an interview call from you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Helen Maslow

Helen Maslow

Encl. Resume

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