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Pediatric ICU Registered Nurse Resume Sample

One of the most important elements of a job application for Pediatric ICU Registered Nurse is your resume. When making or updating your resume, it is very important to tailor it per specific needs of the prospective healthcare facility.   You can do so by adding the necessary experience and qualifications required by the employer.… Read More »

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RN Supervisor Resume Example

Compelling resumes are not those that include a lot of information – reliable and relevant information is what makes a resume powerful. This is especially true if you are writing a resume for a position of extreme responsibility, such as that of an RN supervisor.   In a resume for an RN supervisor position, you… Read More »

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RN Supervisor Job Description for Resume

Position Overview RN supervisors wear coats of many colors. While they are responsible for providing direct patient care, they are also required to handle nurse staffing issues. They oversee the day to day coordination of nursing services for a particular patient unit.   They make sure that patients are provided with the best possible care… Read More »

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Pediatric ICU RN Job Description, Duties & Tasks

Pediatric ICU RN Job Description A pediatric ICU in any hospital requires a little extra from healthcare professionals. Registered nurses who work for pediatric ICUs usually function in a high-stress environment where they are required to be on their toes constantly. A pediatric intensive care unit caters to the medical needs of newborns, infants, young… Read More »