8 Walmart Cashier Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: September 5, 2022

Walmart employs thousands of employees in many different roles who are based in various Walmart stores.

Because of the ever-expanding size of the company, they need to hire new people on a constant basis.

There are many roles you can pursue if you would like to be part of the biggest retail environment in the country.

Walmart hires many cashiers as the number of people that need to be handled is enormous.

Cashiers who work for the company have a lot on their plate as they need to manage many aspects of the business.

At times cashiers are also required to provide direct sales services, especially during the holiday season.

A cashier at Walmart takes payments in exchange for items sold and ensures that any exchanges and returns are handled properly.

Applying for a cashier position at Walmart will be challenging as you will be asked many questions during an interview so that the employer can gauge your ability to handle a busy retail environment.

Questions asked during Wal-Mart’s cashier interviews are often situational. If you prepare for this interview, you will not find any problem answering these questions.

Before appearing at a Walmart cashier interview, go through the job descriptions and the Walmart website as well.

Situational questions are asked to judge your skills and competencies, so it is advisable to thoroughly go through the required competencies and keep them in mind.

When answering the situational questions, try to demonstrate these skills.

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The following interview questions and possible answers will help you prepare for an interview.

Interview Questions and Answers for Walmart Cashier

1. What do you know about Walmart?

Sam Walton founded Walmart, and the headquarters of the company is located in Bentonville, Arkansas. It is one of the Fortune 500 companies with the motto: ‘Save Money, live better.’

2. Why would you want to work as a cashier at Walmart?

I am very impressed with the way Walmart is moving towards success every day. Since it is one of the best retail companies in the country and provides a challenging yet excellent working environment, I would like to be part of it in the role of a cashier.

3. Why should Walmart hire you as a cashier?

I am familiar with most types of cash registers and databases which is why I will not need to be trained. I have a mind that is conditioned to work in a retail environment since I have worked in it for so long. I am customer-oriented, and I have excellent references when it comes to working with coworkers.

4. How do you manage the cash register?

I am a stickler for perfection, so I make sure that I balance the register that I am working on at the end of my shift. I also make sure that in the event of a discrepancy, I resolve it before I hand over my station to the next shift staff.

5. How would you handle an angry customer?

I am known as a calm person who never reacts negatively. There will always be an unhappy customer now and then. It is up to us to listen to what they need to say and then resolve their problem.

6. If you have a meeting with the store manager and your shift is just ending, but you suddenly face a complaining customer, how will you deal with the situation?

I’d start with an empathetic reply like ‘I can fully understand your concern’, then I’d check the receipt and direct the customer to the refund’s counter or wherever the place is that they need to go for their complaints to be addressed. Then, I’ll go to the meeting and explain why I was late (if I have to) because customer satisfaction must always be a retail cashier’s priority no matter what.

7. Sometimes teamwork can be challenging. Tell us about a situation where you were part of the team, but one or more members weren’t doing their part. How did you manage the situation?

Once, while I was at an overnight stocking shift, among the total four people, two were working very slowly, and it looked like the target couldn’t be achieved if they continued at this pace. I upgraded my speed so I could make up a bit for their slow work and it solved the problem automatically because on seeing me putting in extra effort, they realized they were slow and sped themselves up to a great extent.

8. Tell us about an instance where you were overloaded and had to work very fast to meet the deadline. How did the situation affect your quality of work?

I faced such a situation once, what I did was, increase my pace, but aware of the fact that I may now be more vulnerable to making errors, I made a conscious effort to concentrate more. End of the day, I managed almost double the work I did daily with no mistakes.