Restaurant Cashier Interview: 4 Questions and Answers

Updated on: June 1, 2023

Interviews are professional meetings, and they need to be kept professional. Even the most experienced job seekers need to prepare for Restaurant Cashier interviews as there is no formula for success.

You need to only respond to the questions put to you and nothing else. Also, rambling, when answering an interview question, is an easy way of talking yourself out of a job!

Being too familiar with the interviewer also doesn’t lend you any brownie points. An interview is a business meeting, and you do not expect to make friends here.

Do not overstep your place as a candidate, but showing enthusiasm is very important. Any reference to age, gender, race, or religion is a big NO, and you can very well be thrown out if you end up giving your views about any of these. Refrain!

Remember that when you are being asked about a “time that you did something” that made a difference, you are actually being judged on how you fit into an organization.

If you fail to relate to a specific example, you are actually failing to prove your skills and abilities.

Depending on the type of position that you are applying for, you may be asked an array of behavioral and technical questions. Be prepared to answer all types of questions put to you.

Below is a set of interview questions and answers for a restaurant cashier position:

Restaurant Cashier Interview Questions and Answers

1. Do you feel that the scope of a restaurant cashier’s job is limited to the cash till?
No. I believe that a restaurant cashier’s work goes beyond working at a cash register. People working in this position also have to greet customers, ensure that they are seated comfortably, fill in for absent waiters, and make sure that any complaints are addressed immediately.

2. If you ever found yourself in a situation where you were unable to reconcile the cash drawer, how would you handle the situation?
I would look for the root of the problem. If there is money missing, it means that I have either made a transactional mistake or someone has nicked the money. I would look for all possible ways to ensure that I find out what has happened exactly by going over the day’s deeds until the issue is resolved.

3. How important is customer service in your role?
Very important. Restaurant cashiers are usually the first people customers meet when they enter a restaurant, and it is up to them to make them feel welcome.

4. In a support capacity, what work do restaurant cashiers perform?
In the case of staff shortages or during rush hours, cashiers often help out with food preparation and serving duties. Additionally, they assist in packing leftovers and takeaways, ordering supplies, and maintaining inventories.

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