Sales Management Trainee Job Description

Updated on: August 25, 2016

A sales management trainee is usually hired at the entry level where his or her responsibility is to learn sales management, and then assist with delegated sales management tasks. Usually, a sales management trainee is hired if he or she possesses a high school diploma but some organizations may require them to have a business degree or be enrolled in a business program. Typically, a sales management trainee will observe processes by shadowing a sales representative and basically learning the ropes. In many cases, they have to attend sales and service calls and assist customers with their problems and queries.

Eligibility criteria to work as a sales management trainee includes great communication skills along with exceptional customer service acumen. The amalgamation of these two is what will make you a good candidate to hire. So if you are self-motivated, possess high energy and motivation for sales and can handle pressure well, this job is for you. Additional requirements to work as a sales management trainee include the ability to meet sales targets, knowledge of business procedures and the ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time.

Here is a list of job duties that you will be performing on a typical day at work:

Sales Management Trainee Job Description

• Assist in new business acquisition efforts by performing core business development work
• Manage the needs of existing customers by providing them with exceptional services
• Develop relationships with new customers and provide them with information on the company’s products and services
• Ascertain that customers are kept abreast of company policies and procedures and provide them with information on new products and services
• Make accurate and prompt cost calculations and create and provide customers with quotations
• Create sales agreements according to specific instructions and negotiate the terms and conditions of agreements
• Gather market and customer data by performing detailed research activities
• Research future buying trends and provide feedback to the supervisor in a bid to assist the sales management team in creating sales plans
• Advise customers on upcoming product developments and discuss special promotions while remaining within the “limited information” barrier
• Assist the sales team by checking quantity of items on sale and in stock and coordinate efforts with vendors and suppliers to ensure prompt delivery of stock
• Record sales and order information in predefined databases and ensure that this information is communicated to the sales office as well
• Observe sales processes by shadowing supervisors or sales representatives and emulate their sales management processes to meet set targets