Courtesy Clerk Resume Sample, Job Description & Skills

Updated on: January 31, 2023

Courtesy clerks work in grocery or retail environments where their primary duty is to make sure that purchased items are appropriately bagged and are delivered to the customers’ cars carefully.

Their duties are not just limited to bagging and delivering, though; they are also entrusted with many responsibilities in a store which may include stocking shelves, collecting shopping carts, and picking up garbage. In some instances, they also assist customers with their queries and purchases.

Working as a courtesy clerk provides one with experience working in a retail or grocery environment.

While there are no formal education requirements to work as a courtesy clerk, there are some skills requirements that an individual needs to meet. That may include being friendly and polite and ensuring that they portray a well-groomed appearance.

The following sample can be used as a template to meet the courtesy clerk resume writing requirements.

Sample Resume for Courtesy Clerk Position

Norma Ward
420 Hubbard Avenue, Frederica, DE 48523
(000) 142-7474
normaward @ email . com


Results-focused Courtesy Clerk with 9+ years of extensive experience in providing top-quality customer services in a retail environment. Track record of handling bagging duties and assisting customers with decision-making regarding purchases. A capable individual who uses proper bagging techniques, and quickly collects carts and rearrange items on shelves.

• Customer Service
• Trash Disposal
• Product Reorganizing
• Physically Dexterous
• Lost/Found Handling
• Stocking & Grocery Bagging


Courtesy Clerk
Safeway, Frederica, DE
4/2018 – Present

  • Ensure that all cashiering docs are properly maintained by performing cleaning, tidying and dusting duties
  • Acquire a selection of shopping bags such as plastic, paper, and cloth and ensure their availability at the cash counter at all times
  • Inquire from customers which type of bag they would prefer their purchases to be packed in
  • Separate customer’s purchases in an appropriate manner, build walls inside paper bags and place items inside
  • Offer to carry customers’ purchases to the car and thank them for their business

Selected Achievements

  • Introduced the concept of “wall building” in paper bags, decreasing the number of bags used per customer by 80%.
  • Implemented a cart count system, resulting in decreased incidents of missing carts.

Courtesy Clerk
City Grocers, Frederica, DE
3/2015 – 4/2018

  • Ensured that any shopping carts in entrance areas or parking lots were collected and docked in designated places
  • Assisted the marketing and promotion teams with visual merchandising efforts by erecting boards and dressing mannequins
  • Provide support in stocking shelves and returning exchanged or returned items to their proper places

Selected Achievements

  • Suggested the introduction of a lost and found section, which resulted in ease of returning lost items to shoppers.
  • Singlehandedly and perfectly executed a module of a visual merchandising project, which led to an increased customer base.

Retail Aide
The One Stop Shop, Frederica, DE
11/2012 – 3/2015

  • Greeted customers and directed or escorted them to their choice of products
  • Assisted customers in choosing items and led them through purchase procedures
  • Bagged customers’ purchases and delivered their bags to vehicles
  • Made arrangements for home delivery of large or out-of-stock products
  • Cleaned and maintained the store according to the organization’s specific policies and procedures

Frederica High School, Frederica, DE – 2006

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Courtesy Clerk Job Description and Duties for Resume

When you begin to prepare a resume for a courtesy clerk, remember to look over the following list of job duties for this position:

  • Assist cashiers and customers at the checkout counter by bagging purchased products.
  • Identify the types of items and ensure that they are separately bagged.
  • Make sure that heavy items are bagged in reinforced (or doubled) bags.
  • Ensure the safety of items (such as eggs and milk) by gently handling them.
  • Make sure that there are enough bags available at the cash counter at all times.
  • Pick up grocery bags and deliver them to the customers’ cars.
  • Round up any stray shopping carts and put them in the right place.
  • Pick up litter from the parking lot and the store and make sure that it is set away in garbage cans.
  • Dust shelves and items and make sure that shelves are stocked and displayed correctly.
  • Sweep and mop sales floors and clean bathrooms.
  • Take out the trash and ensure that all grocery sections are cleaned thoroughly.
  • Place returned merchandise on shelves.
  • Assist customers in locating items and provide them with product information.
  • Check product price to ensure that it matches the up-to-date price list.
  • Assist cashiers with change requests.
  • Direct customers to the returns and exchange departments of the store.
  • Respond to customers with special requests such as bagging some items together.
  • Attend fitting rooms and retrieve outfits and accessories for customers.

Sample Skills for Grocery Bagger and Courtesy Clerk

When writing a resume for a grocery bagger position, you should emphasize your job-related skills. The skills section should be included immediately after your objective or summary statement.

Below is a list of skills that employers want to see in a Grocery Bagger or Courtesy Clerk Resume.

  • Upholding and complying with company procedures, standards, and policies
  • Remaining calm in all situations
  • Greeting customers in a polite and friendly manner
  • Providing superior customer service.
  • Wrapping and placing merchandise in bags/carts
  • Bagging goods to the parked vehicles of customers
  • Cleaning store’s floor and front end
  • Collecting and returning shopping carts
  • Returning store products back to shelves
  • Handling the checkout counter in the absence of a cashier
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Stand, walk, and move for 75% of a shift
  • Writing simple correspondence
  • Lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling equipment
  • Lifting and carrying up to 45 lbs
  • Delivering accurate information to customers and co-workers
  • Basic mathematical skills
  • Applying rational understanding to perform detailed instructions
  • Dealing with problems effectively
  • Transferring merchandise
  • Good listening abilities
  • Great attention to detail
  • Friendly and polite attitude

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