Grocery Stocker Job Description for Resume

Updated on: April 11, 2021
Grocery Stocker Position Overview

Retails stores have dedicated staff members to handle the different tasks that make them run smoothly. Grocery stockers are particularly hired to handle a major part of a retail store – the grocery section. Contrary to what the designation suggests, grocery stockers handle a lot of behind-the-scenes work, as well as managing stocking duties at the front end.

Mostly, you will find grocery stockers hauling large carts of grocery items into the store, tagging them, and placing them on shelves in a prearranged manner. But they also handle inventories of grocery items and make sure that a sufficient supply of items is maintained and procured on a constant basis.

Grocery Stocker Job Requirements

Although you do not need any formal education (except a high school diploma) to work as a grocery stocker, you do need to possess great customer service skills.

Working in this position means that you will be in constant touch with customers who may ask you questions about the location of products, and you will have to help them. Good organization skills, the ability to meet deadlines, and a pleasant personality are prerequisites to working in this position.

If working as a grocery stocker is what you want to do, refer to the following list of duties that a person working at this position performs:

Job Description for Grocery Stocker Resume

• Check shelves in the store to determine the need for restocking and make a list of items required
• Procure items from storage areas and arrange them properly on shelves
• Mark item with appropriate information such as batch numbers and price tags
• Rotate products according to specific promotional campaigns being run at the moment
• Ensure that each item is properly placed on the shelf and cleaned on a regular basis
• Clean out shelves and ensure that they are in good working order
• Check each product to ensure that no expired items are being stocked
• Clear out expired items and arrange to have them discarded
• Isolate near expiry products and follow instructions to have them displayed on special promotional prices
• Create and maintain liaison with procurement officers and vendors to ensure timely delivery of items to the store
• Handle product inventories and ensure that any item which is low in stock is procured as promptly as possible
• Respond to customers’ queries regarding locating and prices of products
• Assist customers through the payment processes by scanning and bagging their purchases
• Provide assistance to cashiers in balancing their drawers and ensure that any shopping carts left around are returned to their parking areas