Job Description of Bagger in Supermarket

Updated September 2, 2019

Supermarkets are huge places and are often popular workplaces for a multitude of people working at different designations.

Each person working in a supermarket has a designated role and is expected to perform it well.


One very important position within a supermarket is that of a bagger who performs many different jobs. From greeting customers to bagging their purchases, they do everything.

Position Overview

The work of a supermarket bagger is multifaceted; s/he assists customers throughout the time they are shopping and also rings their purchases.

It is also the responsibility of a supermarket bagger to stock shelves and make sure that sufficient items are available for display.

He or she is also responsible for the overall cleanliness of the store or the aisle under his or her supervision.

Customer orientation is the biggest prerequisite of a bagger’s job.

Baggers need to know the importance of providing good customer services and must also be very patient as they often come across situations that may not be pleasant.

Also, they need to be physically strong as they are on their feet most of the day and need to carry heavy bags to customers’ cars.

Educational Requirements

Baggers must have a high school diploma or a GED to their name if they want to apply for this position.



Job Description of Bagger in Supermarket

• Greet customers and ask them if they would like assistance

• Provide customers with their required information regarding products

• Lead or direct customers to their choice of product

• Provide customers with product information such as date of expiry and price

• Make sure that sufficient items are displayed on shelves and that any out of stock ones are requisitioned on time

• Ensure that paper and plastic bags are readily available at cash counters

• Ring customers’ purchases and ask them if they would like their purchases to be packed n paper or plastic

• Pack customers’ purchases in their chosen bag types and make sure that there are no spills

• Ensure that items are packed according to their weight and type

• Offer to assist customers in taking bagged items to their cars

• Ensure that packed bags are not too heavy or in danger of tearing

• Assist customers in loading bags into their cars

• Park empty carts in a proper manner

• Monitor bagged supplies to ensure that the ones that have been bought are replenished on time

• Ensure that any empty carts in parking areas are gathered and put in their designated places