Business Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 5, 2018

Business Manager Cover Letter Guidelines

Your cover letter for business manager position should NOT:

– Be ambiguous but rather clear and specifically refer to a business manager position

– Be poorly written having an inept expression

– Fail to address the employer personally

– Contain grammatical errors or spelling mistakes

– Be dull and more than one page

– Repeatedly start sentences with ‘I’

– Over/under-state your skills required for the business manager post

– Contain false information that can result in your resume being discarded


Business Manager Cover Letter Example


2509 Example NW St-74
Lubbock, TX 70923

August 5, 2018

Mr. James Larry
Hiring Manager
Acosta Sales & Marketing Company
12500 San-Pedro Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78216


Dear Mr. Larry:

As soon as I read your advertisement for the position of Business Manager in USA-Today, I was determined to apply for the same and hence sending my resume for your further consideration. Acosta – being a concentrated marketing and sales firm – appears to be the best place I can make use of my unique business promotional skills that I have internalized over years of professional and academic struggle.

While working in different managerial positions, I have developed strong leadership skills, a thorough understanding of marketing principles and the standard procedures for increasing sale multiple folds with proficiency in various sales support software packages.

Every business is set up to achieve some fundamental goals that maximize revenue at the lowest possible cost, agreed! But what makes the business beyond only monetary profits is the cultivation of strong customer relationships and creatively using customer and market knowledge to sell not only the company’s products but also engraving an everlasting quality brand image in the customers’ mind. With this belief, I have worked hard and developed effective communication skills with the ability to persuade clients and managers within no time.

Furthermore, I strive to inspire my subordinates for giving their best performance with high motivation. I have also proved myself as a punctual employee, from being at work on time to strict adherence to project deadlines and have also learned.

Please review my resume enclosed herewith. I’ll be honored to hear from you with an interview offer for this position. You can contact me at (008) 258-4567 or via email at [your email].

Thank you for your time and for considering my application.




Joe Philip