20 Basic Skills for Resume (Complete Guidance)

Updated on: March 4, 2020
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Skills are an essential part of a resume. It does not matter which position you are applying for – if the skills section is missing, there is a huge chance that your resume will not be considered.

Writing your skills in a dedicated skills section will make it easy for the hiring manager to match your suitability to their own requirements.

In the skills section of your resume, highlight your knowledge of work-related abilities.

For instance, if you are applying for a front desk officer position, your knowledge of handling first contact services should be highlighted.

And if you are applying for a nurse position, then you should focus on your ability to perform patient assistance work. And so on.

Apart from work-related skills, there are some basic skills that you need to highlight. These would include the ability to stay organized, good communication skills, and excellent interpersonal abilities, to name a few.

Examples of some basic resume skills are provided here:

Top 20 Basic Skills for Resume

1. Highly organized, with excellent interpersonal and communication skills

2. Adapt quickly to situations, and think critically in adverse environments

3. Known for making quick and on-spot decisions

4. Leading groups and teams to meet individual, and company goals

5. In-depth knowledge of presenting product information to the masses

6. Familiar with resolving issues such as complaints and altercations

7. Solid track record of thinking out of the box, and creatively handling multiple projects

8. Proven ability to identify and manage emotion while working in a dynamic environment

9. Competent in following the instructions in order to effectively complete work in a timely manner

10. Adept at working in a team environment in a collaborative way, as well as working independently

11. Knowledge of coming up with quick and effective solutions, aimed at resolving core issues

12. Unmatched ability to provide excellent customer services, targeted at ensuring retention and repeat business opportunities

13. Proficient in managing time in a proper way so as to meet deadlines

14. Exceptionally talented in working alongside people, to help them, and serve customers in a service-oriented manner

15. Well-versed in adapting to different work situations, challenging conventional ways of working, and learning new techniques

16. Readiness to learn new things, and grow continuously

17. High-level problem-solving skills to overcome adversity and guarantee efficiencies in a team environment

18. Confident in reaching out to new staff members, and leading them through successful induction periods

19. Friendly and empathetic

20. Bilingual: English/Spanish

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