911 dispatchers spend their entire day in taking emergency calls and assisting callers to cope with difficult situations. Therefore, when building a resume for 911 dispatcher position, it is important to highlight your communication skills as well as the ability to handle difficult situations tactfully.

911 dispatcher resumes should be based on skills and accomplishments because recruiters need to know how well you handled distressed callers and if you did anything significant to change callers’ immediate circumstances. If you are able to depict this skill in your resume, no one can stop you from standing out from the candidate pool.

Take a look at the following resume samples for a 911 dispatcher position before you begin writing your resume.

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911 Dispatcher Resume Sample 1


Ella Jayden

67 N Bremen Street ● Milwaukee, WI 92380 ● (999) 999-9999 ● ellajayden @ email . com


Performance Summary: Highly energetic individual with 11+ years extensive experience in providing emergency response and dispatching services. Track record of gauging nature of emergency and taking appropriate actions to handle sensitive situations effectively. Effectively multitasks and prioritizes work in a highly stressed environment.


• Functional knowledge of public safety principles and protocols aimed at providing accurate information to callers.
• Able to determine sensitivity and accuracy of emergency and dispatch the call appropriately.
• Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with a diverse populace in emergency.
• Well-versed in utilizing technology to record, assess and reiterate caller information for the purpose of finding the root cause for a crime.


• Hoax detection• Safety practices• Crises intervention
• Technology savvy• Emergency response• Stress management
• Call screening• Computer-aided dispatch• Incident logging
• Security surveillance• High alertness• Tone identification

• Attained ‘Local Life Saver Award’ for quickly dispatching EMS personnel to a critically injured worker which resulted in his life being saved.
• Saved a caller from domestic assault by guiding her through ways to escape her perpetrator until help arrived.
• Provided a walkthrough to a distressed caller who had locked herself in her room while running from an attacker which resulted in her safety for the 9 minutes during which authorities arrived.
• Introduced and implemented a call screening system that traced calls in 50% less the time it took the system already in place.


911 Dispatcher | 11/2013 to Present
City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI

• Answer telephone calls from distressed callers and listen to their pleas carefully
• Ask appropriate questions to gauge callers’ situation and level of distress
• Listen animatedly to determine the nature of calls – genuine vs hoax
• Listen for background noises to understand where the call may be made from
• Understand the intensity of the call and use dispatch system simultaneously to inform concerned authorities

911 Dispatcher | 5/2010 – 11/2013
Cowlitz County, Kelso, WA

• Asked callers for name and address while searching for address on the system
• Spoke to perpetrators (when possible) and attempted to calm them down by counselling them
• Called authorities such as fire brigade, police or ambulance and provide them with information on emergency
• Created and submitted reports regarding each call received during shift

911 Dispatcher Trainee | 1/2009 to 5/2010
City of Mason, Mason, NH

• Took telephone calls and listened intently for nature of distress
• Assisted callers through stressful situations by providing them with information on how to handle their situation
• Transferred calls intense in nature to more experienced dispatchers
• Took orders from dispatchers to contact emergency services by following protocol
• Input data concerning emergency and non-emergency situations
• Monitor frequencies to gauge field unit’s status


CPR and First Aid | American Red Cross

Law Enforcement Automated Data System (LEADS)



Associate of Science in Criminology
City Technical College, Mason, NH – 2008


• Computer Aided Dispatch Systems
• Paging systems
• Consoles and tone boards
• Phase One/Two wireless process


911 Dispatcher Resume Sample 2 (Entry Level/Less Experience)


Betty Robertson

77 20th Street – Rockford, IL 32521
(959) 999-9119, Email

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a position as a 911 Dispatcher with the Boone County. Offers skills in telephone emergency service provision with a profound ability to work in a highly organized manner.

• Over 2 years’ experience in emergency dispatching
• Well-versed in determining the nature and the location of emergency
• Highly skilled in determining priorities and dispatching appropriate emergency unit
• In depth knowledge of operating a variety of communication equipment
• Adept at dispatch covering several locations simultaneously

• Excellent listening skills
• Demonstrated ability to provide effective counseling over the phone
• Communication: Able to speak clearly in a calm yet confident voice
• Able to think coherently in stressful situations


The University of Rockford, Rockford, IL                                    Aug 2015 – Present
911 Dispatcher

• Take emergency telephone calls
• Dispatch calls to appropriate personnel
• Prioritize incoming emergent and non-emergent phone calls
• Determine nature and location of the phone call
• Monitor and coordinate emergency dispatch activity
• Maintain security and confidentiality of all files and equipment
• Create and maintain logs

Key Achievements
• Accelerated rescue process by dispatching the fire unit in time to counter chaos in a local school
• Regulated control of calls verification by assisting in putting up a system that traced calls to the owner

Apex3 Security – Evanston, IL                                             Jan 2014 – Aug 2015

• Received information via telephone and over radio waves
• Listened to caller carefully
• Offered calm guarantee to distressed and angry callers
• Relayed facts and figures accurately


St. Peter’s Community College, Rockford, IL
60 hours security training certificate

Rockford High School, Rockford, IL – 2007
High School Diploma