Position Overview

Hospital Porters are key workers at hospitals across the globe.

They help doctors, nurses, and other hospital workers with various tasks such as transporting patients to different areas of the hospital, operating or repairing medical tools and other cleaning duties to ensure the hospital is operating in the most efficient manner possible.

Job Outlook

You do not generally need any experience or prior qualifications to apply for the job of a hospital porter; nevertheless, you just require good physical abilities and communication skills.

On the other hand, it is a good idea to gain some practical experience prior to applying for the job. You could gain valuable experience about this role by volunteering in a hospital, assisting the porter with his or her duties.

How to write a Hospital Porter Resume?

In your Hospital Porter Resume, emphasize on your knowledge or any experience of working with the people of diverse backgrounds, particularly in a caring role. For instance, you may draw attention towards your skills in supporting patients by helping them to move around the hospital, and assisting them into wheelchairs or on to trolleys, taking them carefully to appointments and then back to their ward.

The following resume example along with this Porter Cover Letter will provide you with a clear idea about writing a compelling job application. You may modify it as per job requirements and your specific skills and experience.



Hospital Porter Resume Example



Arnold Smith

59 Example Street ● Gulfport, MS 65298
Contact # ● Email Address

Hospital Porter

Bringing exceptional physical capabilities and cleaning skills to maximize the efficiency and attain the maximum level of satisfaction of patients and staff.


• 3+ years’ experience as a hospital porter
• Comprehensive knowledge of performing cleaning and sanitation duties within hospital
• In-depth knowledge of hospital procedures, practices and layout
• Hands-on experience in loading and pushing heavy trolleys
• Highly skilled in delivering and retrieving patient food carts


Hospital Porter | Memorial Hospital at Gulfport – Gulfport, MS | Jun 2011 – Present

• Move trolleys, furniture and equipment.
• Take and deliver meals to patients.
• Deliver letters, files and specimens within the hospital.
• Transfer clean linen from the laundry to hospital wards.
• Dispose of hazardous waste.
• Move patients to and from a wards.

Hospital Porter | Family Health Hospital – Gulfport, MS | May 2007 – Jun 2011

• Responded calmly and speedily in emergencies.
• Transport trolleys using safe lifting techniques, moving and handling.
• Developed substantial knowledge of health and safety, and hygiene issues.
• Handled patients with sickness and distress.


High School Diploma: St. Peter’s Public School, Gulfport, MS


• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Demonstrated ability to follow instructions efficiently
• Reliable and careful
• Friendly and helpful manner
• Able to multi-task and work independently by means of critical thinking skills


• Possess a good level of physical fitness
• Weight Lifting: Up to 40 pounds
• Trolley movement: Up to 100 pounds