Entry Level Professional Summary for Resume (5 Examples)

Updated on: March 5, 2020
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At the entry-level, an applicant is always confused about how to handle the job application documents. This is especially true of the professional summary, which is the opening of the resume.

Writing a professional summary is important because it marks the beginning of your main job application document.

Hence, it has to be perfect in order to pique the hiring manager’s interest. The length, content, and feel of the summary have to be just perfect.

In order to ensure this perfection, you have to research the position that you are applying for.

For instance, if you are applying for a receptionist post, you need to highlight your organizational skills and the ability to handle front desk operations.

And if you are interested in a marketing job, your professional summary should highlight your ability to reach out to customers and develop products accordingly.

Remember to consider the prospective employer’s requirements when writing a professional summary.

Here are some examples of professional summaries that you can take ideas from:

Entry Level Professional Summary Examples (No Experience)

1. Results-oriented Customer Service Associate with a solid grasp on customer relations and services. Especially talented in developing and implementing core outreach strategies in order to ensure maximum customer reach. Extraordinary commution skills with an expertise in multitasking and juggling simultaneous projects.

2. A highly innovative worker, hoping to show excellence in providing one on one customer care. Knowledge of presenting products to customers by ensuring proper feature explanation. Unmatched ability to close deals, and lead customers through purchasing processes. Talented in handling queries and after-sale issues and complaints.

3. Recently graduated marketing professional with a solid grasp on marketing and sales concepts. Effectively able to handle a wide array of customer outreach services. Proficient in learning new skills and technologies, in order to self-develop, and contribute to the development of the organization.

4. Recent high school graduate with a genuine interest in working in a dynamic and challenging environment as an Administrative Assistant. Offering well-placed organizational and communication skills. Excellent knowledge of operating office equipment and hardware, with a solid ability to handle correspondence. Familiar with handling customer liaison and providing initial support and information in accordance with the company’s terms.

5. Recent business graduate aspiring to work as a Guest Service Manager in the hospitality industry. Excellent ability to handle guests and visitors. Trained in performing tier one services, during a 3-month internship at a popular hotel. Eager to apply adeptness in handling front desk, reservations, and complaint management work.

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