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Facilitator Skills for Resume

No resume can be considered a well-written one if the skills section is missing. The importance of skills statements in a resume can only be determined by the manner in which hiring managers look for them when skimming through a resume. Upon not finding a skills section, there is an excellent chance that your resume… Read More »

Time Management Skills for Students

It does not matter if you are a student, or are working in a professional capacity – your time management skills should be excellent. In a student capacity, this is exceptionally important, as you will need to be able to work within deadlines to write reports and papers, and give exams. If your time management… Read More »

Time Management Skills for Nurses

On the surface, it seems as if time management skills is one thing one – the ability to manage time effectively. While this is true on one account, there is a lot more to time management. Different positions require different time management skills, and it is up to employees to bring out their best in… Read More »

Time Management Skills for Resume

Time management skills are critical to place on a resume. Communicating with a hiring manager that you take this seriously is very important. Excellent time management means that you will be able to perform your work within provided deadlines, which is very important for employers. Focusing on managing your time correctly does not only mean… Read More »

Animal Science Resume Skills

Working in any position requires consummate skills in that particular arena. However, many of us fail to mention our skills in our resumes, erroneously believing that doing so is a waste of time. In fact, writing your skills in your resume is anything but! When you mention how qualified you are for a particular job,… Read More »

Rigger Skills for Resume

Your skills are your key to enter a hiring manager’s office. If you do not mention them on your resume, your chances of being called in for an interview diminish significantly. Not many applicants understand this, and end up sending in resumes that have all the other information, but lack the skills section. There is… Read More »

Golf Course Superintendent Skills for Resume

It is an ignored fact that the skills section on a Golf Course Superintendent resume makes it worth the hiring manager’s time and effort. When you highlight your skills in a manner consistent with the prospective employer’s needs, you are doing him or her a great favor. Hiring managers actively seek candidates who know what… Read More »

Horse Trainer Skills for Resume

Skilled individuals are required for all types of horse training positions, whether you are just beginning your career, or are at the top of an organizational hierarchy chart. The more skilled you are, the better your chances of being considered as a viable candidate for a job. What is unfortunate is the fact that job… Read More »

Metallurgist Skills for Resume

One of the main reasons for the failure of a Metallurgist resume is its inability to show the employer how skilled a job seeker is. Wrongly believing that resumes are all about experience and education, we often ignore the skills section, making hiring managers believe that we have little or no skills in areas that… Read More »

Biotechnologist Skills for Resume

There are some skills that we flaunt on a daily basis – and there are others that we are unaware of. It is the latter that we have to identify and put on a plate for a hiring manager to see. The resume is a great avenue to showcase our skills, and it is imperative… Read More »