20 Skills and Qualifications for Sign Language Interpreter Resume

Updated on: July 9, 2020

Unless you are a skilled sign language interpreter, your resume and cover letter may not be considered highly. And to show a hiring manager that you are skilled, you must emphasize your skills in a resume.

Working as a sign language interpreter is not an easy job. Usually, people working in this position assist teachers by providing interpreting services to facilitate communication with students. The challenges associated are quite a lot.

But since you are applying for a job where your skills will be tested, you have to show that you qualify for the job.

Your qualifications or hard skills will include the ability to reach out to students and provide them with translation services. Students’ wellbeing during the time that they are under your wing will be your responsibility. Also, your communication skills must be emphasized so that the hiring manager can decide in your favor.

One thing that you need to remember is that your skills statements should be short and informative.

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20 Sample Skills for Sign Language Interpreter Resume

1. Providing in-class interpretation and transliteration services using sign language
2. Assessing students’ needs and interpret situations as required
3. Providing transcription services
4. Establishing and maintaining effective relationships with students and teachers
5. Offering a full range of interpretation services
6. Actively interpreting in a variety of communication modes during special events
7. Interpret teachers’ instruction and lectures
8. Voice interpreting signed responses for teacher and hearing students
9. Communicating with teachers concerning students’ progress and problems
10. Interpreting school events for hearing-impaired students
11. Providing support and assistance to interpreters
12. Determining the right type of language for specific groups and individuals
13. Facilitating students’ sign reading by ensuring appropriate gestures
14. Providing effective communication in a video environment
15. Staying abreast of new developments and techniques in the interpretation field
16. Assisting in handling in-class behavior
17. Serving as a liaison to promote good public relations between students, hearing peers, staff members, and faculty
18. Providing excellent interpretation services, through consistent training
19. Using and maintaining equipment and tools to assist with sign language interpretation
20. Educating school management and lead teachers about different sign languages

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