Best 7 Resume Career Highlights and Summary Examples

Updated on: March 9, 2022

Call them a summary of qualifications or career highlights; they serve the same purpose, which is to provide recruiters with a professional profile of the candidate.

While many believe that this section on a resume is optional, we beg to differ.

Recruiters have many resumes to review in a day; more often than not, they decide if they want to read on or not by merely reading the first section of a resume.

So if the first section on your resume details your qualifications, skills, and some experience, the chances are that the recruiter will be compelled to read on.

For many resumes, the career highlights section can work wonders as it provides a comprehensive outlook of the candidate’s professional sketch.

However, it needs to be written with precision so that the reader stays interested.

Here are some examples of career highlights that you can take reference from when writing your own:

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Top 7 Career Highlights and Summary Example for Resume

Office Assistant

1. Reliable and hardworking office assistant with hands-on experience in handling diverse tasks to ensure smooth office operations. Highly motivated to enhance the revenue of the prospective company. Exceptional ability to deal with adverse situations maturely to resolve conflicts.


2. Technology-savvy marketing professional with a solid background in planning and leading high-impact marketing promotions targeted at meeting the company’s missions. Tenacious with a “can do” attitude along with expert knowledge of internet technologies and associated tools.


3. Highly motivated sales professional boasting a solid track record of high performance in retail businesses. Strong understanding of retail merchandising strategies along with substantial experience in teambuilding activities and market research and analysis


4. A high-energy individual with a great interest in event planning, promotion, and media productions. Excellent communication skills, along with superior presentation abilities. Possess a passion for excellence. Experienced in designing and coordinating both corporate and commercial events.


5. Self-directed school teacher with a strong passion for students’ success. Focused on creating a fun and challenging learning environment and generating a student-friendly curriculum and lesson plans.


6. Energetic and enthusiastic waitress with a solid background in working in the hospitality industry. Expertise lies in working in both fine dining restaurants and fast food joints. Known for creating comfortable and enjoyable environments for patrons. Ability to stay calm and focused in adverse situations with a good track record of handling customers’ problems with tact.

Entry Level Career Highlights Example

7. A recent marketing graduate with proven leadership skills and the ability to handle many tasks at the same time. Focused on meeting deadlines to ensure project efficacy and a great ability to “think out of the box.”

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