Many companies use the services of mail clerks to manage both incoming and outgoing mail. Their responsibility is to manage mail distribution needs and to ensure that each document that arrives at the company is forwarded to the correct recipients and outgoing mail is addressed correctly.

Mail clerks do their jobs by filling out forms for tracking and may perform other duties as such as managing customers when necessary. They may also be required to lift heavy boxes. Some companies require their mail clerks to possess some knowledge of mail carriers such as USPS and FedEx.

Mail clerks do not have particularly challenging jobs but their skills need to be such that they can perform assigned tasks with responsibility and agility. If you are looking for a job as a mail clerk, you may need to ensure that your resume objective is the perfect one so that employers’ interest stays piqued. Here are a few examples of good objectives for mail clerk resume.

Mail Clerk Resume Objectives

• Competent individual seeking a position as a Mail Clerk with AXA Equitable utilizing hands-on experience in opening, sorting, routing mail and preparing outgoing material for mailing.

• Seeking a Mail Clerk position with Do Little Inc. where I can employ my exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail and ability to use postage machines will be effectively utilized.

• To obtain a position as a Mail Clerk with Circle Co. using my ability to work effectively in a high interruption atmosphere and advanced knowledge of mail handling machines.

• Desire a position as a Mail Clerk with Cotton Man. Offering excellent interpersonal skills and excellent mail room management acumen.

• Looking for a position as a Mail Clerk with Kin Bridge Services where my multitasking skills, ability to use accounting system and scales and capability to plan work flow is used effectively.