18 Payroll Clerk Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: April 5, 2023

An objective statement is important to create the direction of a resume.

Resume objectives need to provide prospective employers with detailed information on what the job seeker is capable of.

The purpose of a resume objective is quite straightforward. It defines why a job seeker is a good match for a position. Setting the path of a resume is the primary goal of a resume objective.

An objective statement is very useful when the hiring manager has less time to read an entire resume. In this scenario, a compelling objective statement will persuade the recruiter to read the entire resume in detail.

Below is a list of samples for a payroll clerk that you can refer to:

6 Sample Objectives for Payroll Clerk Resume

1. Looking for a position as a Payroll Clerk at Omni Hotels to leverage skills in providing payroll and bookkeeping assistance to ensure efficient document flow, accurate records, and timely administrative operations. Competent in using QuickBooks, MS Office, Excel, and Word.

2. A detail-oriented individual seeking a Payroll Clerk position at United Services Company. Offers 3 years’ progressive experience in administering payroll for a large number of employees in accordance with defined procedures. Special focus on internal auditing and accuracy.

3. Strong desire to work for ABC Company as a Payroll Clerk. Bringing 5+ years of first-hand experience in reconciling payroll, handling tax deductions, and handling attendance. A hard-working professional with a keen eye for detail.

4. To work as a Payroll Clerk for 24 Hour Fitness to utilize skills in collecting, compiling, and entering payroll data using appropriate software, along with ensuring the integrity of data punched into the payroll database. Ability to undertake a variety of office support tasks and work diligently under pressure.

5. To obtain a position as a Payroll Clerk at Pro Mach, Inc. Eager to apply proficiencies in collecting and summarizing timesheets and creating payrolls. Comfortable working with high attention to detail and incorporating effective ways to achieve better results.

6. Seeking a position as a Payroll Clerk with Stop and Shop. Bringing adeptness at processing payrolls by calculating commissions, obtaining overtime approvals, and timely printing and issuing paychecks. Knowledge of principles of accounting procedures, Account Edge and QuickBooks, or other accounting software is a must.

7. Driven and resourceful Payroll clerk seeking employment with the Hilton group. Offering skills in payroll calculations and administration, tax regulations, and payroll software applications.

8. Skilled payroll specialist, proficient in payroll and financial auditing procedures; desirous of joining the Fielding Enterprise in a similar capacity.

9. A payroll specialist position with Yale Enterprises where my background in financial analysis and proficiency in processing accurate payrolls would be used.

10. Highly organized and methodical individual with extensive experience in payroll administration and a track record of processing timely and accurate payrolls, seeking a challenging role with XYZ in a similar capacity.

11. Experienced payroll clerk eager to leverage my strong background in payroll management and data entry to contribute to the finance department of ABC Company.

12. Seasoned payroll clerk with strong problem-solving skills and 5+ years of experience in payroll processing, financial auditing, and tax filing. Enthusiastic about joining the Hailey group.

13. Skilled and detail-oriented payroll clerk with 5+ years of hands-on experience in payroll management. Energetic to utilize my payroll generation and financial management expertise to contribute to ABC Company.

14. Accomplished Payroll clerk with expertise in payroll management, seeking work with Glendale. Offering accurate and efficient payroll services to streamline the operations of the finance department.

15. To work for [Company Name] in the capacity of a payroll specialist. Bringing strong attention to detail with a background in accounting. Proficient in time clock interface management with a track record of delivering maximal payroll services to large firms.

16. Certified payroll clerk, well versed in handling diverse payroll interfaces effectively. Passionate to contribute to the success of Nelson Group by ensuring accurate and timely payroll processing.

17. Self-reliant Payroll Clerk seeking employment at XYZ Company where I would be able to provide quality results on time by using my 8+ years of experience in data entry, payroll processing, customer service, and accounting.

18. Results-driven payroll clerk seeking employment at [Company Name] where I could use my strong attention to detail to process payroll information for staff in an accurate and timely manner.

Final Thought

A resume objective is one of the most important sections of any resume. This is the part that most employers read first. So the candidate’s first impression relies on it.

Essentially, a resume objective is a short statement that communicates: the position you are seeking, the main skills you are offering, and the value you are capable of adding to the firm if hired.

Here are five tips that will assist you in writing an effective resume objective.

  1. Be very specific in stating the exact position you are applying for along with your main competencies.
  2. Use impactful words that highlight your passion.
  3. Help the employer see your candidacy in a favorable light by demonstrating how hiring you will add value to the company.
  4. Include the number of years of previous experience to make your resume objective more effective.