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Mailroom Clerk Job Description, Duties & Responsibilities

Mailroom Clerk Job Description Mailroom clerks are employed by organizations that typically contain a vast number of employees. They may work in government offices or a private capacity where they are expected to perform mail sorting duties. This work is usually conducted behind the scenes and is mostly overlooked, but this personnel performs the most… Read More »

Top 2 Mailroom Clerk Resume Examples

Mail Room Clerk Resume Sample 1Experience: 10+ Years KATE KIMMEL3452 Falcon Valley Bellingham, WA 92255 (000) 433-7890 email MAILROOM CLERK Poised to achieving the highest levels of customer care using a friendly and cooperative attitude. PERFORMANCE SUMMARY Uniquely qualified Mailroom Clerk with over 7 years of experience in receiving, sorting, distributing, and processing courier items,… Read More »