Interpreter Resume Sample

Updated: February 8, 2022

Interpreters or Translators work in healthcare and other environments where they are expected to provide language interpretation services.

Since English is considered the primary language, interpreters are expected to be bi or even trilingual with most companies asking for Spanish, Chinese, and French translators.

Interpreters do not only translate languages verbally; they are also expected to provide interpretation services for written documents and sometimes sign language, although, for sign languages, one needs to be trained appropriately.

If you are bilingual, you may want to take a look at the following resume sample when applying for an interpreter job.

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Sample Resume for Interpreter Position

836 Somerset Drive, Kalispell, MT 33413 
(000) 019-9901

 *Interpreter – English/Spanish*


  • Over 13 years of success in managing interpretation services for three healthcare facilities.
  • Recent experiences include simultaneous interpretation (SI), consecutive interpretation (CI), and liaison interpretation (Ad Hoc).
  • Excellent ability to provide language translation for hearing impaired students.
  • Conversant with both English and Spanish languages.
  • Working knowledge of assimilating speakers’ words quickly and accurately.
  • Ability to compute sentences spoken in one language and explain them in the other.

• Cultural awareness and sensitivity
• Exceptionally professional demeanor
• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and multitask


Interpreter | Feb 2004 – Present
Mayo Clinic, Kalispell, MT
• Translate sentences spoken or written in English into Spanish and vice versa
• Check original text to ensure that translation is accurate
• Adapt translations to grade levels as instructed
• Proofread and edit written materials
• Use electronic listening equipment when prompted

Medical Interpreter | Oct 2002 – Jan 2004
Family Health Hospital, Kalispell, MT
• Liaised between healthcare professionals and LEP patients
• Interpreted questions, answers, and concerns of LEP patients
• Served as a cultural mediator where necessary
• Translated written documents for different departments within the hospital

City Community College, Kalispell, MT
Associate of Arts in Linguistics (Spanish) – 2001