Medical Interpreter Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: February 8, 2022

Medical interpreters are important players in the healthcare industry.

They facilitate communication between LEP (limited English proficiency) patients and healthcare providers which ensures the provision of appropriate healthcare.

People who apply for medical interpreter jobs ensure that their cover letters portray their language proficiency skills and understanding of medical terminology.

Medical interpreters need to be proficient in different languages apart from English. They work with healthcare providers by taking patients’ information and history and relaying the same to doctors and nurses so that appropriate medical plans can be devised.

They also provide LEP patients with information on medical procedures and ensure that their families are familiar with them too.

Before you attempt to write a cover letter for the position of a medical interpreter, have a look at the following sample which should provide you with a base for writing your own!

Medical Interpreter Cover Letter Sample

90 Crossroads Avenue
Lakewood, WA 89000
(001) 333-9999
Wayne.holler @ email . com

February 8, 2022

Mr. Joseph Daniel
Manager Human Resources
Mary’s Center
779 Jackson Avenue
Lakewood, WA 78200

Dear Mr. Daniel:

Knowing more than one language is an asset; knowing four languages is much more than an asset! I am not only proficient in reading, writing, and speaking English, Chinese, Spanish and French but possess an excellent grasp of medical terminology. Putting all this on the table along with a keen interest in working as a Medical Interpreter at Mary’s Center, I would like to offer you a diverse set of skills.

My experience with different healthcare settings has provided me with a great platform to learn about diverse settings. During my work, I had the opportunity to understand the true nature of a medical interpreter’s job and realized how important it is in a country that hosts many cultures and languages. During my experience, I have learned that merely communicating languages is not enough; it is essential for healthcare professionals to understand and appreciate different cultures as well to be able to provide appropriate health care. I take this point very seriously and have discovered that it makes all the difference in proper patient care. Additionally, I believe that patient education is one of the most critical aspects of medical services provision, and I put much stress on it during a communication assignment.

I have enclosed a list of references along with my resume with this letter in anticipation of working for your medical center. I will be available for an interview at your convenience and will call you to set it up Friday this week.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Wayne Holler

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