Top 5 Interpreter Resume Objectives Examples

Updated on: April 27, 2022

An interpreter or a translator is an integral part of an organization that may cater to employees, visitors, or patients who do not speak English as a first language.

You will find the need for interpreters in the healthcare arena more than anywhere else as the influx of limited English-speaking patients is quite high.

Interpreters provide diverse services within the threshold of translation. They may be expected to provide verbal translation services, written and even sign language.

It goes without saying that interpreters need to be well versed in the English language and the second language that they are professing to get a job. Let us take an example here.

If an individual has excellent speaking and writing skills in English and is applying for a job where he has to work in Spanish too, it is imperative that he also possesses excellent speaking and writing skills in Spanish. This is because he will need to translate both from and to Spanish!

When applying for a position as an interpreter, you must make use of a resume objective to sell your services.

Let us see how you can put your language skills in a resume objective:

5 Sample Objectives for Interpreter Resume

1. Poised to obtain an Interpreter position at Tucson Medical Center. Offering excellent command of Spanish and English in both written and verbal mediums along with working knowledge of translation tools and procedures.

2. An Interpreter position at HRDC. Excited to make use of my expertise in writing and speaking both English and French to provide outstanding translation services.

3. To use my knowledge of simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, and liaison interpretation as an Interpreter at Mayo Clinic.

4. To obtain an Interpreter position at the Family Health Clinic where I will be able to use my bilingual skills in English and French to cater to the LEPs of the clinic.

5. To work as an Interpreter with Steward Hospital. Bringing excellent language interpretation skills to assist with effective translation between patients and healthcare professionals.